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Key takeaways

  • Commercial door buzzers are a type of door entry system that allows guests to signal to residents they are at the front door or gate.
  • The benefits of door buzzers for businesses include improved security, higher tenant retention rates, and convenience.
  • There are many types of commercial door buzzers, such as smartphone-based buzzers and wireless door buzzers.
  • The best commercial door buzzer system is ButterflyMX.


Every property needs a way to manage access into the building. Commercial entry systems enable you to keep your doors locked and your building secure while ensuring tenants, visitors, and delivery carriers can access the property. If you’re looking for a new entry solution for your office, business, or other commercial building, you might consider a commercial door buzzer system.

But what is a buzzer system for business, and how does it work? Read on to find out. We’ll also explain the benefits of door buzzer systems for commercial buildings. Then, we’ll explore some of the many types of buzzer entry systems.

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What is a commercial door buzzer system?

A commercial door buzzer system is a building entry system for businesses and commercial buildings that enables visitors to talk to tenants and request property access. Offices and other commercial properties install buzzer systems at their front entrances to ensure that tenants can vet visitors and grant them building access as needed.

Door buzzers for businesses improve property security. They also create a seamless access experience for building tenants, employees, visitors, and delivery carriers.


Watch how ButterflyMX works at commercial buildings:


Components of a commercial door buzzer entry system

At a minimum, every buzzer system for commercial buildings has hardware at the entrance and hardware within the building for tenants to use. And every piece of hardware has a microphone and speaker so that tenants and visitors can talk to and hear each other.

The in-unit hardware that tenants use must also have a door release button. Tenants use this button to remotely open the door for their guests.

Optional components of buzzer entry systems:

  • Camera: A commercial door buzzer system with a camera enables video calling. As a result, tenants can see who’s at the door before letting them in.
  • Mobile app: Some buzzer systems come with a mobile app for tenants. Tenants use the mobile app on their smartphones or tablets to open the door for their visitors. Mobile apps replace the in-unit hardware that other buzzer systems require.
  • Cloud-based software: A cloud-based buzzer system stores data in the cloud. That means property staff can manage the system remotely from their computer or smartphone.


How much does a commercial door buzzer cost?

The cost of a commercial door buzzer system can range anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000. That price range does not include installation, which may increase the total cost significantly depending on your installer and the system’s wiring requirements.

Door buzzer system installation costs vary widely because installers set their own pricing. The cost of your installation project depends on your building’s infrastructure and the type of system you choose. For example, it’ll cost more to install a wired system than a wireless one because purchasing and installing wiring is expensive.

Some buzzer systems may also have ongoing service or software fees. You’ll have to budget for those monthly or annual costs. But keep in mind that those service fees cover necessary features such as live video, mobile app usage, integrations with other property technology, and ongoing software updates.


commercial intercom system access methods


How does a door buzzer for business work?

Commercial buzzer entry systems require hardware installed at the building’s entrance and hardware within the building. Visitors use the entryway hardware to contact a tenant. Tenants use the in-unit hardware to communicate with visitors and open the door for them.

In an office or commercial building, a buzzer system may have multiple buttons (one for each floor, unit, or company). Alternatively, it may have a tenant directory for visitors to use. To alert a tenant of their arrival, a visitor presses the correct button or enters the tenant’s designated code. Then, the system “buzzes” that tenant.

Some buzzer systems enable visitors to directly contact a specific employee. Others only allow visitors to contact a front desk or one representative of the business. Either way, a tenant receives a “buzzing” notification through the in-unit device.

The tenant can then answer the call by pressing a button to talk to the visitor. If they want to open the door for their visitor, they press the “door open” button. When a tenant presses the door open button, the system sends a signal to the door locking mechanism. That signal instructs the door to unlock, which grants entry to the visitor.


Benefits of a commercial door buzzer system

Commercial wireless doorbell buzzer systems enhance your property in several ways.

The top four benefits of a door buzzer entry system for your business include:

  1. Enhanced security
  2. Added convenience
  3. Improved efficiency
  4. Increased tenant retention


1. Enhanced security

Having a commercial door buzzer system installed at your property helps maximize security by deterring break-ins and preventing unwanted entry by allowing tenants to verify visitors. Some door buzzer systems also provide entry logs so that owners and property managers can review every door release event.


2. Added convenience

Tenants and employees no longer have to physically go to their building’s entrance to open the door for visitors or deliveries. With a buzzer system, tenants can open the door from inside the building with the push of a button.


3. Improved efficiency

Door buzzer systems for commercial buildings simplify visitor and delivery access, which alleviates the workload for front desk staff. When a visitor or delivery carrier arrives at the property, all they have to do is push a button to request property access. Then, building staff — or even individual employees — can easily grant access without leaving their desks.

Additionally, some buzzer systems include solutions for tenant access, too. As a result, owners and property managers won’t have to worry about the hassle and expense of handing out and managing fobs or keycards. Instead, tenants can use their credentials to open the door for themselves.


4. Increased tenant retention

People want to work in places that offer safety and convenience. Thus, properties with commercial door buzzer systems more easily attract potential tenants and experience lower tenant turnover.


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Types of commercial door buzzers

Now that you know what a commercial buzzer system is, you might be ready to purchase one for your property. But first, you should know about the different kinds of systems available to you.

Four main types of commercial door buzzer systems:

  1. Door buzzer entry system with access reader
  2. Wireless buzzer system
  3. Commercial buzzer with a camera
  4. Smartphone-based door buzzer


1. Door buzzer entry system with access reader

Some buzzer systems include a built-in access control reader. As such, these systems do more than just provide a way for visitors to request access. They also let building tenants grant themselves entry with a credential like a key card or key fob.

Door buzzers with access readers make it easy for tenants to access the property when doors and gates are locked. To get inside, an office building tenant simply holds their fob or card up to the reader. When the reader detects an authorized credential, it unlocks the door.


2. Wireless commercial buzzer systems

Commercial buzzer systems can be wired or wireless. A wireless commercial door buzzer is better known as a wireless commercial intercom.

Wireless buzzer systems work in one of two ways:

  1. The in-unit hardware and the hardware at the entryway communicate wirelessly. Devices may send signals via WiFi or radio waves.
  2. The system uses tenants’ smartphones instead of in-unit hardware. If tenants’ smartphones replace in-unit devices, there’s no need to run wiring throughout the building.

Running wiring throughout a building requires an experienced installer. Installing wiring is also expensive. As a result, commercial wireless door buzzer systems are more affordable than wired systems.


Guest calls a resident via the ButterflyMX app to gain access -- a better alternative to an apartment buzzer


3. Commercial buzzer system with a camera

Buzzer systems with a camera are better known as commercial video intercoms. Having an entry system with a camera adds an extra layer of security to your building.

Instead of communicating with visitors through an audio call, tenants can video chat with guests. That way, they can visually confirm who’s requesting access before letting them in.

Some commercial video entry systems also take a photo every time someone accesses the property. These photos serve as a door release log that building staff can audit and review for added security.

Pro tip: Some video buzzer entry systems only offer one-way video calling (which means tenants can see visitors, but visitors can’t see tenants). We recommend purchasing a system with two-way video calling to provide the best access experience for both guests and tenants.


4. Smartphone-enabled door buzzer entry systems

The best commercial door buzzer systems are compatible with smartphones. They rely on tenants’ smartphones instead of in-unit hardware.

Most smartphone-compatible buzzer systems come with a mobile app for tenants. Tenants use the app to answer video calls from visitors and open the door remotely.

Smartphone-enabled commercial entry systems save you money since you don’t have to purchase and install hardware in every suite. They also improve the tenant experience by empowering tenants to grant access for visitors and deliveries right from their smartphones.


Get the best commercial door buzzer system

Don’t settle for an entry system that only lets you “buzz in” visitors. Instead, choose one that lets you video chat, send virtual keys, and open doors right from a smartphone.

The ButterflyMX commercial video intercom system offers the functionality you’re seeking with additional features that will save you money and enhance the tenant experience in your property.

ButterflyMX’s features include:

  • Increased security. Our system maintains an audit trail with time- and date-stamped photos of every door entry — and with the help of our 156-degree wide-angle lens, you won’t miss a thing while you’re securing your property.
  • Multiple credentials. In addition to app-based access, grant your residents flexibility by offering cards, fobs, vehicle stickers, and PIN numbers.
  • Integration-friendly hardware. We offer our own line of keypads, readers, and elevator controls while making it easy to integrate with existing hardware on your property.
  • Robust construction. Thanks to cast aluminum, the LED screen intercom is both weatherproof and vandal-resistant.
  • Front desk station. Pair the video intercom with our front desk station software, allowing staff members to see and speak with visitors requesting access at the front door. You can even communicate directly with residents to verify the guest’s identities before granting them temporary access.

As a wireless video entry system, ButterflyMX is affordable to install and easy to use. By empowering tenants to open doors from their own devices, you save time for property staff and simplify access for guests and delivery carriers. Plus, ButterflyMX is cloud-based, which means you and your property staff can manage access and update the system from anywhere.

Invest in the best for your commercial property – but don’t just take our word for it — with more than 10,000 installations nationwide and more than 20,000 five-star ratings, ButterflyMX is the most trusted commercial entry system in the industry.


ButterflyMX can help simplify access at your commercial building

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