an example of a commercial security service.


Key takeaways

  • Commercial security services include technology, personnel, and consultations to improve security at your property.
  • Benefits of security services include the protection of assets, the safety and well-being of employees, and assistance meeting insurance requirements.
  • Security services include guards, security cameras, access control systems, alarm systems, and cybersecurity software.
  • National security service providers include Allied Universal, G4S, and AAA Alarms and Fire Protection.


Most businesses need some form of commercial security service. A good security service will protect both your customers and clients, as well as your property itself. However, there are tons of security services available. Choosing one can seem overwhelming. That’s where our guide comes in handy.

First, we’ll define what business security services are. Next, we’ll go over the benefits you might not have considered. Finally, we’ll highlight five types of security services that may benefit your unique business.

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What are commercial security services?

Commercial security services are any type of security-related devices, personnel, software, or policies put in place to increase security at a commercial property.

Depending on the service, security services are either provided by a company or can be purchased, installed, and operated by yourself. Security technology is constantly improving. So, many business owners find it necessary to regularly upgrade their systems.


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Why is commercial security important?

Security services are used to protect your assets, your employees, and the patrons of your business.

The benefits of security services are:

  • Valuables and assets are protected.
  • Insurance requirements are met (depending on your unique plan and location).
  • Crime is deterred.
  • Evidence such as property photos and videos are collected in case crimes or likewise incidents occur.
  • Customers and employees feel safe, and the workplace is secured.


What are 5 types of security services?

While there are many types of security services, we’ve created a list of the most important services for a commercial property. Your unique property will benefit from at least one of these. However, all five are common features in many commercial properties.

Five types of security services are:

  1. Security guards
  2. Cameras
  3. Access control systems
  4. Alarm systems
  5. Cybersecurity


1. Security guards

Depending on the type of business you have, a security guard might be a great addition to your property. There are currently over a million security guards employed in the USA for good reason.

Benefits of security personnel services are:

  • Their physical presence is the ultimate deterrent to all types of crime.
  • They can have a calming effect on clients and customers.
  • Security guards can monitor security cameras and access control systems.

The one possible negative of a security guard is the cost. Security guards are often paid by the hour. What’s more, you’ll likely need to employ multiple security guards.

Note: Not all security guards are armed. Depending on your unique property type, they likely don’t need to be sent over from an armed security agency.

Some commercial security providers provide security guards. So, once you sign a contract with them, they will manage their guards’ work schedules so that you don’t have to.


A security guard, an example of a commercial security service.


What are the duties of a commercial security guard?

The duties of a commercial security guard include:

  • Enforcing your business’s rules and regulations.
  • Deterring crime.
  • Monitoring security devices.
  • Controlling access (such as checking identification).
  • Directing visitors to where they need to go.
  • Patrolling grounds.
  • Maintaining security awareness.


2. Cameras

Security cameras are one of the most popular physical security services for commercial properties. There are a large variety of video security systems on the market that can be installed to monitor both inside and outside of your property.

The biggest benefit of a security camera is visual crime detection and deterrence. There’s no better evidence of proving a crime than to capture it on camera — and many would-be criminals know that.

Additionally, installing cameras outside of your property has the added benefit of ensuring that customers and employees feel safe walking to their cars at night.

A good security camera will:

  • Have HD video.
  • Connect to an app so that you can monitor it constantly, even from your smartphone.
  • Have cloud-based software that automatically updates and uploads data.
  • Include night vision.
  • Be weather resistant.
  • Feature motion detection.


3. Access control systems

Access control systems are the best way to control access to a commercial property. You likely already have some form of access control system in place. But in addition to controlling access at the entrance to your property, you can use access control systems for employee-only areas.

Access control systems that you may be familiar with include:

  • Smart locks
  • Key fob and key card readers
  • Keypad door locks
  • Turnstiles

However, the latest and greatest technological development trends have a number of benefits.

So, find an access control system that includes modern technologies such as:

  • Keyless mobile entry.
  • Remote entry.
  • Time-and-date-stamped entry events.
  • Video cameras.
  • An app that you can use to monitor entry events.


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4. Alarm systems

Alarm systems are a great example of overnight security services for when your commercial property is closed. When an unauthorized entry event occurs, alarm systems trigger a loud noise.

Some alarm systems can notify both you and the police of an authorized entry event. In this case, local police would respond to your property.

Alarm systems also integrate well with nearly every other type of security service, especially video cameras.


5. Cybersecurity

While much of our post has covered protecting your physical property, cybersecurity is a key aspect that shouldn’t be ignored.

Cybersecurity concerns sensitive data on file at your commercial property.

It can include the protection of:

  • Employee and customer records.
  • Passwords.
  • Log-in information.
  • Credit card data.
  • Internal product/sales/marketing data.

You can go about installing cybersecurity by finding a cybersecurity company that can install a protective firewall within your computer systems. From there, you should spend time training yourself and your employees on how to avoid possible malware and phishing attacks.


Cybersecurity is an example of commercial security services that involves protecting your online data.


Commercial security service providers to consider

Finding the right security services company can be tricky. Below, we’ve gathered a list of three providers that operate across most of the US.

Highly rated nationwide providers include:

  • Allied Universal security services. Allied Security is the country’s top provider of security guards. They also provide security system installation and monitoring such as video cameras and alarm systems.
  • G4S. Is a global security company with headquarters on six continents that assigns security guards and security systems and provides risk management consultations.
  • AAA Alarms and Fire Protection. This company offers both state-of-the-art security alarm systems and fire alarm systems for commercial properties.

However, you will likely find many local security services that service your area. These may benefit your unique business more than national providers.


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