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Key takeaways

  • Commercial security system installation is the act of installing security devices, like locks, intercoms, and fire alarms, that keep building occupants safe and secure.
  • Installing commercial security systems involves picking the right hardware, testing the system, and adding your users.
  • To pick the best security installation company, consider your existing needs and equipment, ask for referrals, and check online reviews.


A commercial security manager’s highest priority is the safety of employees and other building occupants. The right business security system installation will help keep people safe. And it’ll do this while providing convenient access throughout the building.

In this post, we explain what a commercial security system installation is. Then, we go over the steps involved in a professional security system installation. Finally, we help you pick the best security system installation company.

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What is commercial security system installation?

A commercial security system installation is a collection of hardware that helps keep employees, customers, and visitors to a commercial property safe. It does this while ensuring that access to different parts of the property is simple and convenient.

Commercial property managers know that businesses need to balance their security needs with convenience for people on a property.

All sorts of people are constantly entering and exiting a commercial property, including:

  • Delivery couriers with large industrial deliveries.
  • One-time visitors, like job applicants.
  • Employees’ personal visitors.

Property managers depend on security systems to keep people safe, increase security, and manage access to secure spaces.

To provide a commercial security system, your property might install:

  • Smart locks
  • Intercoms
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Keypads
  • Vehicle gates


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Which are the two types of commercial security?

There are two types of commercial security: fire alarm systems and physical security systems.

Lots of security hardware, like locks, readers, and burglar alarm system installations, are examples of physical security. They prevent intruders from accessing secure areas. But fire alarm systems are important factors in every security system. Fire alarm systems alert occupants in case there’s a disaster and the building needs to be evacuated.

In some cases, both systems will need to work together. For example, if there’s a fire, your fire alarm system should send signals to certain doors on your property to unlock. Then, everybody has an easy way to exit the building.


How to install a commercial security system

The best way to install a commercial security system is by contacting an installation company. Typically, they can provide you with the best service and recommendations.

Professional installation of security cameras and other hardware comes with a lot of benefits. Many access control systems and hardware require manufacturer certifications before you’re allowed to install them.

Here’s a hands-on look at the installation process so you understand what installers are doing on your property and how you can help.

Install a commercial security system in four steps:

  1. Picking the right hardware
  2. Installing
  3. Testing the system
  4. Adding users


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1. Picking the right hardware

Whether you’re installing a key, a lock, or an intercom, today’s access control market lets you pick between dozens of hardware options. Depending on the needs of your property and where the hardware will be located, you can start narrowing down the list and pick the hardware that will serve you best.

For example, say you’re looking to secure an outdoor space by installing a keypad. To pick a keypad that can stand up to the elements, look for a keypad with an IP65 rating.


2. Installing

The type of equipment you choose has a large bearing on how easy or hard the business alarm installation will be.

Your installers might recommend wireless access control hardware to save money during the installation process. To install a wired intercom or keypad, you’ll have to rip up walls and floors just to lay wiring. On the other hand, wireless hardware saves you that headache.


3. Testing the system

When you’re testing your commercial security system, make sure you do a thorough job. Ensure the wiring is connected correctly and that different alarms and sensors work as they’re supposed to.

On the software side of things, check that any resident permissions you change are reflected throughout every single device on your property.


4. Adding users

So, your system is fully set up and tested. Now, you’re ready for building residents to start using the security system.

In addition to standard users, it’s also important for you to add administrators. They will have the power to add residents, remove them, and edit resident permissions. Typically, you or a trusted staff member will act as an administrator.


adding users to commercial security system installation


Picking a commercial security system installation company

When you’re choosing a commercial security company to work on your property, here’s how you can make sure you’ve chosen the best one.

Pick the best company to install security cameras by:


Considering your existing needs and equipment

Depending on the hardware you already have on your property, you might need different types of installers to tackle different jobs.

For example, you may have existing security hardware you’d like to add another piece of hardware to. In this case, call a security integrator who specializes in creating links between existing systems to increase efficiency.

However, some property managers are starting from scratch and would like to put in a brand-new security system. In this case, you can call a standard installer and get to work.


Asking for referrals

Chances are, you have a friend or colleague who’s recently updated their security system. By asking around, you can ensure that you’re working with a vetted company that’s already done good work.

You might even ask your friends or colleagues if you can take a closer look at their security systems. This way, you can personally ensure the company’s work is satisfactory.


Checking online reviews

Sites like Google Reviews or Yelp can help you choose between security system companies more easily.

These reviews are user-generated. So, you can get more honest appraisals of things like a security system installation’s cost or the customer service abilities of the company.


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