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Key takeaways

  • The best coworking access control system is ButterflyMX.
  • The unique traits of coworking spaces require them to stay vigilant and invest in effective access control solutions.
  • While coworking access control is effective, it’s often paired with other security solutions, such as surveillance cameras, smart locks, and elevator controls.
  • Before choosing a coworking security solution, consider its user-friendliness, available integrations, durability, and remote management capabilities.


In recent years, the popularity of coworking spaces has surged, driven by remote and hybrid work. These shared office spaces act as hubs for creativity, collaboration, and flexibility that attract a wide array of professionals. For that reason, maintaining a level of security for your coworking space is essential.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about coworking access control. You’ll learn about the unique needs of shared office spaces, types of security solutions, and what to consider when choosing a solution. Most importantly, you’ll discover the best coworking access control system.

This guide covers:


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What is the best coworking access control system?

The best coworking access control system is ButterflyMX.

ButterflyMX is a cloud-based access control company that offers a property-wide solution, from the front door and gate to elevators, amenity spaces, and beyond. Since 2014, ButterflyMX has been installed in more than 10,000 buildings and garnered over 20,000 five-star reviews.

Our access control system enables members to enter the property using their smartphones or lets guests in remotely. Conversely, property managers can review audit logs, edit permissions, and more from the mobile app or the web-based dashboard.


How do you manage a coworking space?

Managing a coworking space is a hard job. However, ensuring that only authorized members can gain access with a robust access control system is your first step.


ButterflyMX access control features

  • Audit trail. View a detailed report of door entries throughout the property, allowing you to effectively address security breaches as soon as possible.
  • Multiple entry methods. For the ultimate convenience, let your staff and members use the credentials of their choice: smartphone, PIN code, or key fob.
  • Reader options. Choose among three reader options (mullion, keypad, and single gang) to match your coworking access control needs.
  • Delivery PINs. Provide major couriers with a unique delivery PIN to access the property on their own. That way, your members can receive packages without delay.
  • Vehicle access. Manage access to your parking lot or garage with vehicle access control. With ButterflyMX’s windshield tags, staff, and coworking members can enter the property without fumbling for a credential.
  • Remote management. Review audit logs, edit access permissions, and more from ButterflyMX’s mobile app or online dashboard. You or your staff don’t have to be on-site at all times.
  • Works with all ButterflyMX products. Pair your ButterflyMX access control system with any of our other products and manage them from a single dashboard.


Learn how ButterflyMX enables property-wide access:


Security challenges of coworking spaces

With the popularity of shared office spaces come unique security challenges that require careful consideration.

Coworking space security challenges include:


24/7 access

Many coworking spaces present around-the-clock access as an amenity or perk. However, maintaining a level of physical security at all times of the day is difficult. Plus, posting staff throughout the night is costly and challenging to uphold.

Not to mention, a single staff member, like a security guard, cannot comprehensively monitor all access points. As a result, your coworking space is vulnerable to many risks, such as unauthorized access and stolen or damaged assets.


Visitors and deliveries

Your members are bound to have visitors in the form of clients or vendors. Meanwhile, your property will see numerous deliveries from major couriers. Thus, visitors and delivery drivers pose potential security risks. You’ll need a robust visitor management and access control system to manage these individuals successfully. These solutions are ideal for recording visitor and delivery entries while designating specific areas they can access.


Diverse workspaces

Coworking spaces have become popular office space alternatives due to the growth of remote working during and after the pandemic. They encompass diverse workspaces, including communal areas, private and shared offices, board rooms, lecture halls, administrative offices, maintenance closets, and more. Given this variety, effective access management becomes crucial for the overall safety and security of the property.

Furthermore, implementing role-based access for members becomes necessary when dealing with membership tiers that provide different amenities. This ensures that individuals have access to the specific amenities corresponding to their membership level, contributing to a seamless and secure operational environment within the coworking space.


Multiple access points

Access points include anything from the front door and emergency exits to garages and loading docks. With such a diverse range of access points, managing access to each becomes challenging.

Fortunately, the best coworking access control solutions are flexible enough to manage access regardless of the entry point. For the best experience, your coworking space needs a property-wide solution. Only then can you monitor access from a single platform at all points on your property.



Coworking spaces often provide valuable equipment as part of their services, making them attractive to prospects. However, the value of such equipment also makes coworking spaces potential targets for theft or burglary. To mitigate the risks while still providing flexibility for members, coworking spaces must implement an access control system.


Types of shared office space security solutions

While access control is one of the most popular security solutions for coworking spaces, there are many options you can implement alongside it.

Aside from coworking access control systems, you may also consider:


Video intercom

Enable your members to grant their customers, clients, vendors, or delivery drivers access to the property remotely. Install a video intercom at the main entryway. Guests can request access using the directory. Then, the intercom will call the selected member via a mobile app. From the mobile app, members can have a video call with their guests before granting them access.

Additionally, the video intercom allows members to enter the property using a mobile app, PIN code, or key fob. The video intercom will also take time-and date-stamped photos of all door entry events, allowing you to review potential security breaches or safety concerns more effectively.



Front desk station

Also known as a visitor management system, a front desk station screens visitors as they arrive at the property. A property staff member is stationed at the front desk, where they use the software to log entries, manage credentials, and facilitate communication between members and visitors.

When paired alongside a video intercom, the front desk station also provides a live video feed of the camera. Therefore, staff members can see and speak with visitors before letting them inside. Without the intercom, the front desk station can use a webcam to take time- and date-stamped photos. Moreover, the webcam acts as a way for members to verify the identity of their visitors remotely—all of which is facilitated through the front desk station software.


Elevator controls

Manage which members and visitors can access certain floors of the coworking space by installing elevator controls. Within your access control system, you can set different roles based on memberships your coworking space offers. Then, you can manage what roles can access what levels. The same goes for visitors, which only enhances security measures.


Smart locks

Integrating smart locks with your coworking access control system is ideal for managing private offices, maintenance areas, administration, and more. With smart lock integrations, you can offer your property staff and members the convenience of accessing the entire coworking space with a single credential.


Surveillance cameras

A robust surveillance system is best for securing and capturing all areas of your coworking space. Security cameras can easily cover areas where general activity occurs while capturing important details in smaller spaces, such as shared offices. Implementing cameras alongside your access control system will give your coworking space the tools necessary to deter and prevent malicious activity.


Considerations for choosing coworking security

Choosing a coworking access control system and other security solutions is no easy task. Your solution should strike a balance between fostering an open and collaborative environment while maintaining a level of security and safety for members and staff.

So, here is what you need to keep in mind when choosing a coworking security solution:

  • Scalability. Ensure your coworking access control system can meet the growing number of users at your shared office space while scaling as your property expands.
  • User-friendliness. Choose a system that is easy to use for your staff, members, and visitors. Without a user-friendly system, you’ll drive away current and potential customers.
  • Integrations. Manage your access control system alongside other products and software without having multiple dashboards. Your coworking security should easily integrate with other systems to streamline staff workflows and prevent unnecessary work.
  • Durability. Think of any outdoor or high-traffic areas where your coworking access control may be present. No matter where it might be located, it should withstand a variety of conditions, such as water, dust, extreme heat or cold, and, of course, potential tampering.
  • Remote management. Manage your shared office space security system with a cloud-based system regardless of where you or your staff are. With the right system, you can manage credentials, review entry logs, and more from a mobile app or web-based dashboard.


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