Take a deep dive into our Entegrity Smart property systems review.



  • Entegrity Smart offers versatile features like SmartKeys, cloud-based software, a mobile app, and smart locks.
  • The pros of Entegrity Smart are mobile access control, video capabilities, and unlimited user storage capacity.
  • The cons of Entegrity Smart are its tiered pricing, which makes certain features only available for premium plans.
  • The best alternative to Entegrity Smart is ButterflyMX.


Building access control seamlessly integrates advanced technology with intuitive features, revolutionizing the way properties manage access and security. What’s more, choosing the right access control system empowers you to accommodate the diverse needs of your multifamily or commercial property and adapt effortlessly to the varying scales and complexities of your unique property.

With so many cloud-based access control systems on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best solution for your property. In this article, take a deep dive into the Entegrity Smart property systems review and explore key features and costs of the Entegrity Smart property system to help you determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.

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About Entegrity Smart

Originally named VIZpin, Entegrity Smart entered the real estate tech space in 2007 by manufacturing Bluetooth smart locks. With a mission of empowering users to open doors with their smartphones, Entegrity Smart upgraded its technology. It expanded its services so that residents could unlock doors and gates without the need for Bluetooth technology.

Offering both cloud-based and mobile access control solutions, Entegrity Smart is designed to integrate with VIZpin smart locks so residents can control property access from their smartphones. Additionally, Entegrity Smart has expanded its services to encompass a wide range of access control services like a video intercom and visitor management tools.


How Entegrity Smart works

The Entegrity Smart property system is made up of several products, each of which works to improve the access control experience.

Here is an overview of Entegrity Smart’s product offerings:

  • Smart lock. Entegrity Smart’s flagship VIZpin smart lock is available in multiple styles and finishes and requires no internet connection.
  • Video intercom. Empowers residents to visually verify guests before letting them into your building. However, this intercom is a white-labeled Akuvox intercom that Entegrity doesn’t manufacture or own. So, it may not be as robust as other video intercoms on the market due to it being a third-party product.
  • Bluetooth readers. These proximity readers allow residents to open any door or gate with a smartphone.
  • Gate controller. Streamlines access for vehicles at gated communities.
  • VIZitor access service. The VIZitor access service is a visitor management tool that grants temporary access to guests and service providers.
  • Solar kit. A sustainable solution that manages access to outdoor pool gates and park amenities without the need for power or electricity.


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Entegrity Smart property systems review

Entegrity Smart consists of access control hardware and cloud management tools that work together to streamline property access. By offering free keyless entry services and paid premium solutions, Entegrity Smart offers a wide range of smart technology for multifamily properties.



  • SmartKeys for resident access. Empowers residents to use their smartphone as their key to any entry point.
  • Cloud-based software. Equips administrators to manage, monitor, restrict, revoke, and grant access remotely.
  • Mobile app. Sends real-time notifications of entry events and empowers residents to open doors with their smartphones.
  • Activity logs. Allows administrators to view 30-day activity logs for heightened transparency and security.
  • Smart locks. The Entegrity smart lock offers traditional keyed solutions as well as smartphone access.


Entegrity Smart property systems price

While pricing isn’t available on the website, Entegrity Smart is split into three pricing tiers: Lite, Plus 24, and Plus.

The Lite plan is the most basic option and comes free with the purchase of Entegrity Smart’s cloud management tool.

In contrast, the Plus 24 and Plus plans offer more robust features. However, the main difference between the Plus 24 and the Plus plan is that the Plus model empowers you to send scheduled SmartKeys to visitors, while the Plus 24 plan lacks this capability.


Pros & cons


  • Mobile access. Allows you to open any door, gate, or shared amenity space from a smartphone.
  • Video capabilities. The video intercom allows you to visually verify guests before letting them into the building for heightened security.
  • Unlimited users. Unlimited user storage makes Entegrity Smart scalable and flexible, making it suitable for large-scale properties.
  • Cloud-based. Cloud-based visitor management tools empower you to control and manage access from anywhere.



  • Tiered pricing. Certain features are limited depending on the type of plan you choose. For example, premium plans may allow you to connect your access control system to card readers and keypads.
  • Can only access 30-day activity history. The Lite plan could have limited access to activity history. So, if you need to access user history or look into an incident that happened over a month ago, you may not be able to access these logs.
  • Can’t send scheduled SmartKeys without a Plus subscription. Scheduled SmartKeys may only be available for premium users. So, you may not be able to send scheduled SmartKeys to guests or service providers or enable self-guided tours without a premium package.
  • Optimized for multifamily buildings. May not be the best solution for commercial or industrial properties.


Should you get Entegrity Smart?

Entegrity Smart offers various cloud-based access control products for buildings. However, the tiered payment structure means that only premium plans offer robust access control features like 30-day activity logs and keypad integrations.


Alternatives to Entegrity Smart

The best alternative to Entegrity Smart is ButterflyMX. ButterflyMX offers a wider breadth of access control solutions without a tiered payment system. What’s more, ButterflyMX is an end-to-end access control solution that streamlines property-wide access control for doors, gates, vehicles, elevators, package rooms, shared amenity spaces, and more.

Additionally, The ButterflyMX video intercom isn’t manufactured by a third party and has robust features like a 156° wide-angle camera that heightens security by providing ultra-clear clarity of all entry events. What’s more, 24/7 audit logs are easily accessible using the ButterflyMX mobile app or web dashboard.

Moreover, ButterflyMX integrates with over 80 smart lock models. In contrast, Entegrity Smart access control systems are designed to work exclusively with VIZpin smart locks.


Entegrity Smart vs. ButterflyMX

Although Entegrity Smart offers an acceptable access control system, the tiered payment structure requires you to purchase the Plus version to access all of its capabilities.

On the other hand, ButterflyMX offers robust access control with products that don’t require you to spend more for premium packages. As a result, ButterflyMX is the leading choice for making property access simple for buildings of all types.


Feature ButterflyMX Entegrity
24/7 activity logs Yes No
Integrations with multiple smart lock brands Yes No
Connects to card readers and keypads Yes No
Sends scheduled temporary keys Yes No
Cloud-based software Yes Yes
Mobile app Yes Yes


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