Watch the above video to see ButterflyMX elevator controls work.

How ButterflyMX elevator controls work

We live in a world of convenience where access to anything is just a tap away. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for building access. At ButterflyMX, we’re changing that. Our goal is to provide secure, convenient, and affordable property access from a smartphone.

At the ButterflyMX HQ in the Flatiron district of New York City, our building has an unattended lobby. Because of this, our building owner wanted to find ways to increase security. Eventually, he landed on the decision to install key fobbed elevators.

While this is obviously more secure when there’s no one in the lobby to check credentials, it’s inconvenient for tenants who need to come downstairs to greet their visitors in order to get them onto their floor.

To solve this problem, we installed ButterflyMX elevator controls – this means whenever a tenant grants access to a visitor to get into the building, our smart intercom automatically unlocks the elevator temporarily for the floor that the tenant is on.

Now, when a visitor gets into the building, they can simply get into the elevator and go up to the tenant’s floor without the tenant having to come down and greet them.

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