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Mobile home parks are unique communities that require a robust residential access control system for residents and visitors alike. A mobile home park access control system offers a way to ensure seamless property-wide access without compromising security.

Read on to learn what mobile home park access control is and how to manage access at mobile home park communities. Next, explore five manufactured home access control models and how to choose the right access control system for your manufactured home community. Finally, discover the best mobile home park access control solution today.

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What’s mobile home park access control?

A mobile home park access control system is uniquely designed to control access into and throughout a mobile home park.

Mobile home parks, also known as manufactured homes or prefabricated (prefab) homes, need access control to ensure that only authorized vehicles can access the community.

What’s more, access control helps achieve mobile home security across park communities because it empowers you to track and monitor who’s accessing your property each day. This not only helps keep residents safe but also protects your property’s assets.


ButterflyMX can automate access to your mobile home park.


Benefits of mobile home park access control

Effective access control can solve common mobile home and RV park problems. There are many advantages of implementing manufactured home access control.

A mobile home access control system can:

  • Reduce trespassing and theft. An access control system ensures that only authorized residents and visitors can enter the community. What’s more, access control solutions with cameras deter trespassers from attempting to enter the property.
  • Prevent tailgating. An access control system ensures that only authorized vehicles enter your park while preventing unauthorized vehicles from tailgating their way into the property.
  • Allow for remote access management. Manage and adjust access permissions from anywhere. That way, if a visitor’s access credential expires, they won’t be able to use old credentials to access your park. What’s more, access control empowers you to grant access to residents and visitors even when you’re not physically onsite.


Secure mobile home park access control.


How to manage access at mobile home parks

Managing access is necessary for every park community because mobile home parks are high-traffic areas.

Here’s how you can manage access at your prefab home park:

  • Install the right access control system. Parking access control systems are great for regulating and streamlining who can enter your community and when.
  • Have property-wide mobile home rules and regulations. Because new and recurring residents are coming in and out of your property throughout the year, make sure to have easily accessible rules so that your entire community knows how to use their access credentials.
  • Use mobile home park manager software. Mobile home park property manager software helps you automate rent payments, manage resident information, track vacancies, and improve the overall resident experience.


What happens when a mobile home park is closed?

A manufactured home access control solution grants access to residents even during off-hours. When your park closes, only residents and visitors with active access credentials can enter your community.


5 types of mobile home park access control

Looking to implement access control in your community, but don’t know where to start?

Here are the five most effective types of access control for manufactured homes:

  1. Gate access control system
  2. Video intercom
  3. Mobile access control system
  4. Vehicle access control system
  5. Outdoor keypad


1. Gate access control system

Gate access control systems allow you to automate access for authorized residents at your park’s gated entrance. This is accomplished by using a mobile home access panel that’s connected to a wireless reader. This automatically opens the gate when an authorized vehicle enters your property.

Additionally, because gate access control is automated, it helps reduce vehicle pile-ups and ensures fast yet secure access to your community.


Mobile home park access control for manufactured homes.


2. Video intercom

A video intercom allows visitors to request access directly from residents or park staff. Additionally, residents and staff can visually verify guests before letting them into the community.

Here are a few ways a video intercom boosts security at mobile home parks:

  • Launch two-way video calls with visitors. A video intercom allows both you and your residents to launch two-way video calls with guests. This prevents trespassers from being able to enter your community.
  • Designated delivery access codes. Assign access PIN codes to delivery carriers for easy yet secure access. Plus, residents can send unique temporary access codes to delivery couriers and service providers without a delivery PIN to help streamline deliveries at your property.
  • Monitor entry points at your park community. A video intercom takes a time- and date-stamped photo of all entry events, so you always know who’s accessing your property.


3. Mobile access control system

An access control system that pairs with a mobile app allows residents, visitors, and staff to enter the park using their smartphones. What’s more, mobile app access control offers several ways to open gates, doors, and other entry points throughout the community for optimal convenience.

Here are a few ways to open entry points with a mobile access system:

  • Swipe to open. Residents can swipe to open gates with their smartphones for touchless entry.
  • Park mobile access code. Delivery couriers, service providers, and guests can use temporary digital access codes to enter your property.
  • Voice commands. Voice command technology like Siri and Alexa offers convenient access for residents and staff.


Access control for mobile home parks.


4. Vehicle access control systems

Vehicle access control systems empower you to grant automated, hands-free access to vehicles.

Here are two of the most common vehicle access control methods:

  • Windshield stickers and vehicle readers. Vehicle readers automatically grant access to authorized vehicles in your community. This access control method is as simple as issuing windshield stickers to residents to place on their vehicles. Then, the vehicle reader automatically scans their windshield tag when they approach the vehicle entrance gate.
  • LPR (license plate recognition) system. An LPR system uses technologies like fuzzy logic to read license plates and grant access to authorized vehicles. However, this system loses efficacy if the license plate has visible signs of age or damage.


5. Outdoor keypad

Outdoor keypads are great for managing access to communal facilities in your park community. Each resident can use their unique PIN code to unlock these spaces.

An outdoor keypad can be placed at any access point to manage entry to spaces like:

  • Supply rooms. Place outdoor keypads outside supply areas so that staff can easily access supplies at your property.
  • Shared amenity spaces. Does your park community have a pool or recreational area for residents? Use outdoor keypads to manage and monitor access at these shared amenity spaces.
  • Gas and electricity stations. If your park community has a gas, electric, or fuel station for powering vehicles, an outdoor keypad will ensure that only authorized vehicles can use these stations.


How to choose a mobile home park access control system

If you’re ready to buy an access control system for your mobile home park, you’ll want to choose a system with the right features.

Here are the best features to look for when choosing an access control solution for prefab homes:

  • Cameras. Access control systems with a camera allow you to visually verify residents before letting them in.
  • Mobile access. Mobile access control empowers residents to use their smartphones as a key. When they drive up, they simply swipe to open for convenient hands-free entry.
  • Remote monitoring. Monitor all entry events from anywhere with a cloud-based access control system.
  • Integrations. Choose an access control solution that integrates with mobile home park management software to streamline processes for park staff. Integrations with smart locks are also great for modernizing access to prefab control rooms, as well as shared amenity spaces like fuel and electric stations, recreational facilities, and pools.


Discover how to achieve mobile home park access control for your community.


The best mobile home park access control system

ButterflyMX is the best access control system for mobile home parks because we offer a holistic suite of solutions that all help simplify access into and throughout your community.

Mobile home parks are unique residential communities. So, they require flexible access control solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs.

ButterflyMX offers convenient solutions like:

  • Video intercom. Our video intercom empowers you to see exactly who’s entering your property and when. What’s more, it pairs with a top-rated mobile app that residents can use to unlock doors and gates using their smartphones. Additionally, our video intercom is a cloud-based device that you can manage from anywhere.
  • Vehicle access control. Want to streamline entry for every vehicle at your property? Our vehicle readers and windshield tags enable automatic access for authorized vehicles in your community.
  • Front desk station. Install our powerful front desk station software on any computer to help your staff reach new heights of efficiency. With our front desk software, staff can more easily verify guests’ identities, log visits, and speak directly to visitors and residents.
  • Smart locks. Our access control solutions integrate seamlessly with smart locks. So, residents can use their smartphones as a key to any shared amenity space in your community.
  • Keypads and card readers. Install keypads or card readers in secure or potentially hazardous areas so that staff, delivery couriers, and service providers can use secure PIN codes or fobs to access these spaces.


Discover how ButterflyMX works:



  • Access control for mobile home parks ensures that only authorized vehicles can access your property.
  • Manage access at mobile home parks by installing an access control system, having property-wide rules and regulations that are easily accessible to residents, and using mobile home park management software.
  • The best manufactured home park access control system is ButterflyMX because of our robust suite of access control solutions that can be tailored to fit your property’s needs.


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