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Millions of Americans own recreational vehicles. As a result, there is a great demand for access-controlled RV parks, resorts, and campsites. Securing such a property type is difficult, but this guide to RV park access control makes it easy.

In this post, you’ll find out what access control is and how it’s applied to RV parks. Additionally, you’ll learn the components of an RV resort access control system. Finally, you’ll discover which system is best for your property.

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What is access control?

Access control is the process of managing who has permission to enter a property or area.

Typically, access to an area is restricted by a locked barrier equipped with an electronic device that accepts authorized credentials.

Credentials vary and may include:

  • PINs
  • Key cards
  • Fobs
  • Fingerprints
  • Smartphones

Once presented with the authorized credential, the barrier will unlock briefly for the user to enter. Most often, the barrier is a door or gate.

In the case of RV resorts, access control may not seem obvious at first, especially since most guests will have their own RV security system. However, an RV park access control system will provide your visitors with greater peace of mind.


Learn everything about access control as a beginner in this guide:


What is RV park access control?

RV park access control is the process of managing who can enter your RV park property and use the facilities on-site.

The way RV campgrounds are built makes them difficult to secure unless entirely gated. As a result, intruders can easily access the park’s facilities when there are few restrictions in place.

So, RV access control systems make it easy to manage who can access the property from multiple entry points. Not to mention, an access control system can control who can use the resort’s amenities — or even the hookups.


What goes into an RV park access control system?

One million Americans permanently call their recreational vehicles home, while millions more use their RV for vacations and long weekend getaways. Securing your RV park with an access control system attracts more RVers while protecting your property from trespassers.

So, it’s vital you know what it takes to implement an effective access control solution for an RV resort.

A robust RV park access control system is composed of:



Most RV resorts won’t be fully gated, but a gate at every main entry point with an intercom system can significantly reduce unwanted visitors. Gate intercom systems allow full-time and part-time RVers to access the property without assistance.

An intercom with a mobile access control app is perfect for full-timers, providing them access to the property simply using their smartphones. Additionally, full-timers can remotely grant their visitors access to the property whenever they want.

On the other hand, part-timers only need short-term access, so it’s better to send them virtual keys or temporary access codes to use at the campground intercom. This way, all types of RVers can benefit from the heightened safety of your property without any inconvenience.


What is an RV gate?

An RV gate is an entryway to a property large enough to fit all types of recreational vehicles. Most RV gates lead to a parking spot or storage space where the owner can park the vehicle until they need to move again.


How does a remote gate work?

Remote gates work when a control panel receives a signal from a substation. The control panel acts as the brains of the system, determining if the credentials received are authorized to enter the area.

The credentials are sent from a substation — often a mobile phone — to the control panel via a WiFi or cellular signal. If the credentials are authorized, the control panel will open the gate, allowing the vehicle to enter.



RV parking areas are not always as luxurious as having a proper garage. But when they are offered, they serve as an excellent amenity. Unfortunately, RV garages mean nothing if they aren’t secured. So, you must secure your RV park’s garages with an access control system.

For the safety and peace of mind of your RVers, secure any RV garages with keypads or mullion readers. These devices are installed at the entryway and require a PIN or key fob to enter. Using a mobile app, give RV residents temporary or long-term access to the garage before revoking it once their stay is complete.



For those offering boondockers a place to stay before moving on, you must provide secure RV parking for the duration of their stay. Parking lot entry and exit control systems are easy ways to prevent unwanted trespassers from accessing the property.

Once a guest has reserved their space, provide them with a temporary virtual key to use during the length of their stay. The virtual key gives them a PIN or QR code to use at the entryway. Revoking access doesn’t take any work on your part because it only works for the duration of their stay, preventing unauthorized access after departure.


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An RV park access control system can control more than just access to an area. Whether your park has partial or full hookups, you can secure them using a keypad or mullion reader. After guests have reserved their campsite, provide them with a temporary PIN code or fob.

Furthermore, RV park amenity spaces should be secured, as not all your RV residents will pay to use them. Secure access to areas such as communal bathrooms, showers, pools, and the gym using an outdoor keypad or reader.


Admin areas

Finally, secure any administration areas for RV park staff. Areas such as offices, security booths, and maintenance areas should be as secure as the entire RV park. Using a keypad with a PIN, you can easily keep precious documentation, supplies, and camping security equipment out of the hands of would-be intruders.


What is the best access control for an RV park?

The best RV park access control system is ButterflyMX.

ButterflyMX is a top-rated access control company used by more than a million daily users. If you’re looking to secure your entire RV park, ButterflyMX provides a property-wide solution packed with features.

The ButterflyMX access control system encompasses:

  • Video intercoms. Best suited for your RV park’s main entryways, the ButterflyMX video intercom supports two-way video calls, using mobile phones as substations. Its IP65 rating makes it durable against all types of weather conditions. Plus, the camera takes a time- and date-stamped photo of every entry and logs the footage.
  • Keypads. ButterflyMX keypads are perfect for administration areas, RV garages, and even campsite hookups. Keypads accept multiple credentials, allowing RVers to use their unique PIN code, a key fob or card, and their smartphone with the ButterflyMX mobile app.
  • Card/fob readers. Similar to keypads, card/fob readers grant access via the ButterflyMX mobile app and a key fob or card.
  • Vehicle readers and windshield tags. Lastly, the ButterflyMX vehicle reader and windshield tags are the perfect hands-free solution to give full-timers vehicle access to the property. They work when a vehicle approaches the entrance with the ButterflyMX windshield tag. Then, the vehicle reader scans the tag before opening the gate.



  • An RV park access control system is designed to manage who has authorized access to enter RV gates, garages, parking, amenity spaces, facilities, and administration areas.
  • The best RV access control system is ButterflyMX because of the property-wide solution it provides, encompassing video intercoms, keypads, mullion readers, vehicle readers, and windshield tags.


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