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You know how important it is to make property access simple and secure. It can be challenging to manage so many people coming and going, especially when vehicles get involved. Investing in a parking access control system is the best way to create a convenient and safe experience at any property. In this post, we walk you through the details so you can choose the right option for yourself and your clients.

This parking access control system guide covers:


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What is a parking control system?

A parking access control system (ACS) manages who can come in and out of your parking facility. Vehicle access management can apply to everything from bikes to cars and motorcycles. So, it’s important that whatever parking control solution you choose is versatile enough to handle the needs of your property.

Parking access systems balance security and convenience at your property by making it easy for authorized tenants to come and go. Many parking access systems also provide a way for visitors to request property access from tenants or staff.


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What are the different types of parking system?

There are many parking control systems on the market today. To choose the best solution for yourself or your clients, start by considering the pros and cons of each option.

Keep in mind that many properties combine solutions to customize the system to their needs while maximizing convenience and security.

So, how do you control a parking lot?

Six common types of parking access control include:

  1. Manual security
  2. RFID smart parking systems
  3. Barrier gate systems
  4. Keypad access control systems
  5. License plate readers
  6. Video intercoms


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1. Manual security

With manual access control, a staff member must be physically present at all times to check access credentials and decide who can enter the parking area. Not only are labor costs expensive with this system, but your staff could be spending their time on other more valuable tasks than waiting outside for cars.


2. RFID smart parking systems

If you’ve ever opened a hotel room door or used a key fob at the gym, then you’re familiar with RFID technology. You can use RFID keys for a car parking access control system by assigning cards or fobs to authorized people.

The biggest downside of RFID solutions is that guests and delivery drivers don’t have an assigned key, so they can’t use the parking area or request access to it.


3. Barrier gate systems

Almost every parking lot or garage has a barrier gate that blocks vehicles from entering without authorization. To use a barrier gate, however, you need to have some method of approving who can come in. As a result, barrier gate systems only work as parking access control when combined with another option on this list.


4. Keypad access control systems

Installing a keypad alongside your barrier gate system is a great way to manage access at a parking lot. Approved tenants are assigned a code to enter so they can drive right through the gate.

The biggest downside of keypad access control is the same as RFID keys: There’s no way for unexpected visitors to request access.


woman using keypad door entry system


5. License plate readers

A license plate reader is a device you install at the entrance that automatically scans license plates, opening for authorized cars. For example, a gated HOA community would register the license plates of all residents’ cars so they could just drive up to the reader and enter automatically.

Unfortunately, there are many problems with license plate readers. New cars belonging to visitors, or even a tenant in a rental car, can’t enter. Also, when license plates are dirty or covered in snow, for example, the reader will struggle to recognize them.


6. Video intercoms

With a video intercom, guests and visitors can easily request access at the parking entrance. This is a more convenient experience for them and your staff and tenants. The video component allows them to visually confirm who they let in so it’s more secure than an old-fashioned intercom.

You can get the best of both worlds by installing a video intercom system with a mobile app so that visitors can easily request access while tenants can quickly unlock the gate from their smartphones.


video intercom used by a resident for parking access control


Who needs a parking access control system?

You may be wondering, do I even need access control for my parking area? It sounds like a lot of work.

Don’t worry! Parking access control is not only simple but highly effective.

That said, any property that includes a parking lot or garage can benefit from parking access management solutions.

Benefits you can expect to see from the right parking access control system include:

  • Prevent tailgating: Unfortunately, tailgating isn’t just for Superbowl Sundays. It’s also a common security threat at gated entrances and parking facilities. People will wait for an authorized vehicle to unlock the entrance, then enter right behind them without scanning another credential. The right parking access control system — like a video intercom system — stops this by automating entry and providing you with footage of the entrance to monitor for security.
  • Establish parking zones: Enforce parking restrictions at your property with access control. Install another gate and keypad inside the garage to separate reserved VIP parking or spots for prospective resident tours. Your staff will no longer need to walk around and enforce parking restrictions and you can even limit the times when each parking area is available.
  • Visitor management: Upgrading your parking lot to include a video intercom, for example, means that guests can easily request access from tenants to enter. Parking can also be used by delivery couriers, guests, and more when all they have to do is check-in at the gate. Some access control systems even include virtual keys so guests can be assigned in advance a single-use entry code to scan themselves.


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What is the best parking access control system?

Managing a parking lot or structure doesn’t have to be complicated. The simplest solution is often also the best. Consider investing in an access control system that works not only for parking but also throughout your property.

When you consider factors like security, convenience, and cost, the best parking access control system is the transformational ButterflyMX smart video intercom, which empowers residents to open the gate or barrier with their smartphones.

Here’s why ButterflyMX is the best parking access control system:

  • Sophisticated design. The elegant intercom interface is eye-catching and intuitive — even to first-time users. Further, the intercom is vandal-resistant and weatherproof.
  • Flexible installation. You can install the 8” or 12” LED screen ButterflyMX intercom at any type of entrance. If there’s no wall at your parking structure’s entrance where you can install the intercom, simply attach it to a pedestal from Pedestal Pro.
  • Robust security features. The 156-degree wide-angle camera takes a photo whenever the door or gate is opened. This creates an audit trail of all parking area entries that your staff can review to increase security. As such, tenants can rest assured that tailgating and other nuisances will be addressed immediately.
  • Streamlined convenience. The ButterflyMX access control system creates a simple, automated access experience. Tenants and staff simply swipe or tap the ButterflyMX app on their smart devices to grant access to themselves and their guests without help from security guards. Even better, with cloud-based technology, staff can manage parking access from anywhere.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Compared to a fully staffed gate security booth, ButterflyMX is undoubtedly the more cost-effective option. ButterflyMX frees your staff from tedious manual work, allowing them to spend more time on other tasks. Additionally, ButterflyMX is a wireless system that only needs three connections: power, internet, and the door or gate release. So, there’s no need to run expensive wiring throughout your property. Plus, because ButterflyMX is a smartphone-based system, you’ll also save time and money on issuing credentials like fobs or cards.
  • Remote access. With the ButterflyMX video intercom and mobile app, you can easily grant guests access at the front gate without having to be on-premises.
  • Live video feed. With the front desk station software, you can easily view live video feed of your ButterflyMX intercom and speak directly with visitors remotely.


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