OpenEye security cameras review


Key takeaways

  • In this review, we discuss OpenEye security cameras and how they work.
  • OpenEye is a cloud-based video security company based in Washington state.
  • OpenEye cameras can be paired with other OpenEye software products, including OpenEye recorders.
  • Features include person/vehicle analytics, line crossing analytics, and a customizable snap-on camera cover.
  • An alternative to OpenEye security cameras is the ButterflyMX access control system.


Establishing physical security for your property is vital for you and your tenants’ peace of mind. Many solutions are currently available for apartment security, including motion detectors, alarm systems, dedicated security staff, and apartment security cameras. What’s more, we know that selecting the right option for your property can be tricky.

Surveillance systems, such as security cameras, are a convenient option for properties because setting them up is flexible and easily monitored by staff or guards. One option you may have encountered is OpenEye security cameras.

In this review, we discuss OpenEye security cameras and how they work. Then, we detail the features, pros and cons, and alternatives to help you make a well-rounded decision.

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What is OpenEye?

OpenEye is a cloud-based video security company based in Washington state. It offers a host of security camera options depending on the property.

For instance, OpenEye cameras are available in dome, bullet, turret, and fisheye styles to fit each visibility need. Furthermore, the variety of cameras provides flexibility. You’re free to install security cameras in different parts of the property in order to provide indoor and outdoor coverage.


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How does OpenEye work?

OpenEye security cameras aren’t just cameras; they’re also part of a more comprehensive physical security solution. What’s more, OpenEye cameras can be paired with other OpenEye software products — including OpenEye recorders and OpenEye web services — to create a robust property security ecosystem.

OpenEye camera footage is recorded in high definition and can be configured and remotely accessed when paired with OpenEye web services. Furthermore, the OpenEye cameras can be installed independently but can also be seamlessly integrated with other OpenEye products to make video surveillance easier to operate and manage.

OpenEye’s outdoor cameras also have true day and night functionality, making them operable in different lighting conditions. They also provide high-quality images at all times.

OpenEye’s indoor cameras include 2.7-13.5mm varifocal, autofocus, and zoom lens features. Moreover, they include analytics for person, vehicle, and line crossing. Similar to outdoor cameras, they also have day and night functionality and produce high-quality images in different lighting conditions.


OpenEye security cameras review



  • Person/vehicle analytics
  • Line crossing analytics
  • Customizable snap-on camera cover
  • Adaptive infrared capabilities
  • Security alarm inputs and outputs
  • Corridor mode
  • True day/night lighting



The OpenEye website does not provide pricing information, but it does allow users to book product demos.


Pros and cons



  • Able to provide continuous 360-degree monitoring, which is not a feature commonly found in security cameras.
  • It can be effective for monitoring certain environments, such as properties with low-light conditions.
  • Small and discreet with easy installation.
  • Cloud-based recording and access.



  • Setting up remote monitoring systems to accommodate OpenEye security cameras may require some effort.
  • Users report that the OpenEye mobile app has limited functionality.


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Should you get an OpenEye security camera?

Overall, OpenEye security cameras offer peace of mind regarding physical security. The cameras are easy to install and set up, discreet enough to blend in, and offer many types to choose from. Furthermore, OpenEye can make operating and managing video surveillance easy with cloud recording and access options.

Lastly, OpenEye is a trusted vendor in the security camera space. It offers easy-to-implement systems and a suite of support products. So, if you’re looking for a fuss-free security camera solution, OpenEye may be a viable choice.


What are the alternatives to OpenEye security?

While OpenEye security cameras are a great video surveillance solution, there are other vendors to consider for physical security, like the Ubiquiti UniFi security camera. The Ubiquiti UniFi security camera is a tech-enabled video surveillance option that goes far beyond the camera itself. The UniFi security camera includes centralized remote management, private storage, and multiple types of cameras to suit different properties. Additionally, the Ubiquiti UniFi security camera also has value-added features such as AI video analytics and integration with other UniFi security products.

However, the best alternative to OpenEye is a full access control system like ButterflyMX video access control. If you’re looking for a more robust access management solution, then the ButterflyMX video access control system is a better alternative. With ButterflyMX, you get an end-to-end access control system that facilitates entry from the front gate to the resident’s unit using one easy mobile app. Moreover, property managers and owners have the ability to remotely monitor resident and visitor access.


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