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Residents love ButterflyMX’s video calling because it allows them to see who’s at the door or gate before letting them into the property. And if you’re not expecting a visitor and someone is suddenly at the door or gate, it’s natural to want to see who it is first.

However, there are instances in which a video call might not be suitable, including:

  • You don’t have a smartphone.
  • You’re in an area with limited internet connection.
  • Your preferences are set to receive phone calls instead of video calls. (If this is the case, you can change your contact preferences in the mobile app).

If any of the above circumstances apply to you, not to worry. Our intercom system can make a regular telephone call to whichever phone number you’d like, so you can still speak to the visitor before letting them into your property.


How it works

  1. Visitor or delivery person calls you from the video intercom
  2. You receive a phone call from 1 of 5 potential numbers
  3. Press ‘9’ on your dial pad to open the door

Step 1: Visitor or delivery person calls you from the video intercom

When a visitor or delivery person arrives at your building, they will search your name on the video intercom and press ‘Call’.

Step 2: You receive a phone call from 1 of 5 potential numbers

ButterflyMX makes calls to your telephone from one of five unique numbers associated with your building. 

Pro tip: You’ll want to save these two phone numbers in a contact labeled ‘ButterflyMX’ to ensure you don’t miss a visitor or delivery because you dismissed the call thinking it was spam. This way, when a visitor uses the video intercom to call you, it will appear on your phone as ‘ButterflyMX’ and you’ll know what it is.

When you initially got started using ButterflyMX, your property manager sent you an email with instructions on using the system. That email contained the two phone numbers that ButterflyMX will call from. If you can’t find the email, contact your property manager to retrieve the phone numbers.

Step 3: Press ‘9’ to open the door

The ButterflyMX call will go to the phone number that you used to register for ButterflyMX. (Your registered phone number can be changed at any time within the mobile app).

After you’ve picked up the telephone call, you must dial ‘9’ on your phone to open the door or gate.

Ways to open the door


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