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Anyone who owns or operates gated properties knows how important it is to ensure easy, quick, and convenient property access. And one way to do that is by investing in a vehicle access control system that reads car RFID tags. RFID gate opener stickers are an effective way to grant access to authorized tenants while maintaining maximum security at your gated entrance.

In this post, we explain what an RFID gate opener sticker is and how it works. Then, we go over the pros and cons of RFID gate opener stickers. Finally, we outline the best way to use them.

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What is an RFID gate opener sticker?

An RFID gate opener sticker is an electronic sticker that residents can put on their cars to enable hands-free gate entry. A gate sensor reads the sticker and automatically opens the gate.

Before the invention of gate opener stickers, staff members had to waste hours sitting in parking lot booths and manually verifying each resident’s identity. What’s more, they had to man those booths 24/7. As a result, a paid staff member had to sit in the parking booth all night, even when residents might not show up for hours.

Every type of property has enjoyed the benefits of gate opener stickers. Tenants also appreciate the convenience of an RFID gate opener sticker. This extends to residential families interested in saving time or corporate employees who need to punch in.

Types of properties that use RFID gate opener stickers include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Mixed-use
  • Industrial


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How does an RFID gate opener sticker work?

RFID gate opener stickers work by using high-frequency radio waves. These waves transmit credential data from the sticker to the gate’s RFID sensor.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. And these high-frequency radio waves can carry more information than credentials. For example, some RFID systems have advanced features like real-time car tracking. However, if your primary concern is access control, you won’t need to spring for these more complex stickers.

An RFID gate opener sticker is part of an automatic gate system with these components:

  1. Gate opener sticker. Residents usually place these stickers on an easily accessible part of their vehicle, like their windshield or bumper.
  2. RFID sensor. An RFID reader scans the gate opener sticker and passes the information onto the control panel for verification.
  3. Control panel. A gate access system’s control panel contains a database of every resident’s credential information. Staff also use the control panel to add and remove residents to the system.
  4. Gate motor. The gate motor physically moves the gate out of the way. Depending on your type of gate, you might have a sliding or swinging gate motor.

In addition, you can choose between two types of RFID stickers: active and passive stickers.

An active sticker contains a small battery and can communicate with the RFID sensors on its own. In contrast, passive stickers depend on an electric field generated by the sensor to get enough power to transmit the credential data.


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Pros & cons of using RFID gate opener stickers

So, you’re considering using RFID gate control access systems for your property. Here are their benefits and drawbacks.


Pros of RFID gate opener stickers:

  • Convenient resident access. RFID headlight stickers are one of the easiest access credentials for residents to use. Even when you consider other wireless credentials, like fobs or cards, a resident might have to lean out of their car or even exit the vehicle entirely to scan those credentials. This wastes time and creates traffic jams. In contrast, residents using windshield stickers will only have to slow down.
  • Hard to lose. Losing a credential is inconvenient for both the resident who lost it and the staff who have to replace it. Residents might lose keys or fobs, but a sticker that’s always affixed to a windshield is harder to misplace.
  • More convenient for staff. When residents have RFID stickers on their cars, staff don’t have to manually verify the identity of every resident. Instead, they can use that time to focus on other duties.


Cons of RFID gate opener stickers:

  • No visitor access. Gate opener stickers aren’t an effective solution for visitor access. Passing out stickers to every visitor is inefficient, not to mention a security risk.
  • Maintenance costs. Compared to other wireless solutions like fobs, the cost to maintain stickers is low — but not zero. So, how long do RFID stickers last? The answer is three to five years. But keep in mind that’s a best-case scenario.
  • No redundancies. While RFID technology is convenient, it isn’t perfect. Every once in a while, your residents might have to deal with a sticker that can’t be read. To combat this, many RFID gate opener systems come with a backup, like the ability to open the gate with a smartphone.


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The best way to use RFID gate opener stickers

RFID gate opener stickers are a simple and convenient way to give your tenants hands-free property access. But on their own, they’re not perfect.

The best way to use RFID gate opener stickers is as part of a unified access control system that extends across your entire property. Use security stickers with other hardware, like a video intercom, to provide your residents with the best experience.

RFID vehicle tags are perfect for controlling resident access. But while resident access is one of your top priorities, don’t forget about visitors. You must ensure visitors also enjoy a convenient access experience while maintaining security on your property. So, you should also install a video intercom at the gated entrance.

With a video gate intercom, visitors can easily request property access directly from a resident. Additionally, residents can send virtual keys to their visitors, ensuring that guests can gain access without any assistance from staff members.



  • RFID gate opener stickers are a convenient way to control property access for residents with vehicles.
  • A gate opener control RFID window sticker system works by depending on RFID waves to establish a connection between gate sensors and vehicle stickers.
  • RFID gate stickers are convenient for residents and make staff’s jobs easier. However, they don’t provide an easy way to manage visitor access.
  • The best way to use RFID gate opener stickers is alongside other integrated access control hardware, like video gate intercoms.


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