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Key takeaways

  • To make your apartment smart, you’ll need a form of connectivity, a selection of smart devices, and a central hub to control your devices.
  • Popular features of a smart home apartment include smart locks, motion lighting, smart thermostats, and WiFi-enabled cameras.
  • The smart apartment design ideas to consider are a smart building platform, multifunctional furniture, property-wide access control, smart outlets or plugs, and utility monitoring.


As technology advances and the focus on sustainability increases, residents seek out smart apartment buildings more than ever. But how exactly do you implement a smart apartment design?

Well, this blog details how to upgrade your apartment to a smart home and what features to consider. Most importantly, you’ll learn the best smart apartment design ideas to integrate into your multifamily property.

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How to make your apartment a smart home

In most cases, residents must invest in their own solutions to transform their homes into smart apartments. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources to help. But before you can achieve a smart apartment design, you’ll need to meet a few requirements.

To make your apartment a smart home, you’ll need three things:

  • Connectivity. Select a method through which your smart devices will communicate with one another. There are three common types of connectivity for smart gadgets: Bluetooth, WiFi, and Z-Wave. Each connectivity option has pros and cons, but WiFi is the most common because it’s easy to use and accessible.
  • Smart devices. Install devices that utilize the connectivity method you’ve selected. Then, set up your smart device to communicate with other devices on the network.
  • Central hub. Consolidate all of your smart devices into a central hub so that you can control them from a single device. Voice assistants, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or HomeKit, are the most popular methods of centralizing smart devices. Although, ensure your smart devices are compatible before choosing a hub.


What are the features of a smart home apartment?

Smart home apartments can include a vast range of devices to improve security, convenience, and comfort. While there are no essential smart home apartment features, there are many common gadgets to consider.

Here are some of the best smart apartment devices to consider:

  • Smart locks. Overhaul the security of your apartment with smart locks. These devices not only improve resident safety but are also very convenient as they allow users to unlock the unit remotely. Above all, smart locks come in all sorts of styles and features, so you can customize them for your unique needs.
  • Motion lighting. Save on your energy bill by maximizing the efficiency of your apartment’s lighting. Motion-activated lights are only turned on when someone enters the room and shut off after some short time without motion. Thus, you can cut down on electricity consumption while adding the convenience of not having to turn lights on and off.
  • Smart thermostats. Improve your energy efficiency by installing smart thermostats. These devices are more efficient at bringing apartments to the temperature you’ve set. Plus, smart thermostats can be controlled remotely, so residents don’t have to be home to set and check the temperature. This is especially beneficial when going on vacation or while at work.
  • Cameras. Record what’s happening in your apartment at all times of the day with a camera that connects to the WiFi. In the event that your apartment has an emergency, you have peace of mind knowing it was recorded and saved to the cloud.


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5 smart apartment design ideas

When developing or revamping your multifamily property, it’s best to consider smart home apartment ideas that can be incorporated into the infrastructure of your building. That way, you transform your traditional property into a futuristic apartment property. After all, smart apartment technology is rapidly changing, so you’ll need to be prepared to make changes recurrently.

Consider these five apartment design ideas for your property:

  1. Smart building platform
  2. Multifunctional furniture
  3. Property-wide access control
  4. Smart outlets or plugs
  5. Utility monitoring


1. Smart building platform

A smart building platform consolidates all control of the building’s IoT devices into a single software. As a result, property staff can operate more efficiently without using different tools for various tasks.

For example, maintenance technicians can use the software to track preventive maintenance. When an IoT-connected device detects a problem within its system, it will notify the technician. This way, technicians can reduce downtime and repair costs on essential building systems.

Overall, smart building platforms are essential for controlling your apartment building’s smart devices. Implement a smart apartment building platform for peace of mind and easier management.


2. Multifunctional furniture

Maximizing the space in an apartment can be difficult, especially for small units. Multifunctional furniture is a smart way to get the most out of your apartment without feeling cramped.

There are many options for multifunctional furniture, such as:

  • Storage drawers underneath the bed.
  • Loft bed with storage and desk underneath.
  • Coffee table that expands into a dining table.
  • Bookcase with a fold-down desk.
  • Side table with attached lamp.


3. Property-wide access control

For the safety and security of your residents, your smart apartment building should be equipped with an effective access control system.

For the simplicity and convenience of your residents, a mobile access control system is best. These systems utilize mobile phones as credentials rather than a key. That way, your residents can quickly grant themselves access or let in guests remotely.

Furthermore, your access control system should work across the entirety of your property rather than just the front door. So, be sure to choose a system that can control access to all areas of your property, from entryways and amenity spaces to elevators and individual units.

What’s more, a robust access control solution that’s integrated with a front desk station enables you to view live video footage of your front door or gate and chat with visitors right from your property’s front desk — or from anywhere else in the world. This enables seamless access and enhanced security for residents, visitors, and staff.


4. Smart outlets or plugs

Unfortunately, not all devices residents move in with will be ‘smart.’ To remedy the problem, install smart outlets or plugs.

Smart outlets and plugs connect to the WiFi and are controlled via a mobile app. These devices control the flow of electricity to the device that is plugged in. So, even older technology can be controlled remotely with an app, even though it may not be ‘smart.’


5. Utility monitoring

Finally, utility monitoring will help your smart apartment building remain operational with fewer costs. By connecting devices to your utilities and building systems, you can catch potential problems before they arise. As a result, you can save money on repairs and reduce downtime of certain systems.

For instance, leak monitoring systems monitor the flow of water through a pipeline. In the event that there is any abnormal activity, the system alerts your team of a possible leak. In turn, repairs can be made sooner and prevent significant damage to building materials.


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