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Key takeaways

  • A smart lock for a door is a lock that grants you access to powerful features like remote unlocking, simpler administration, and more.
  • Use PIN codes, cards or fobs, or an app on your smartphone to unlock a smart lock.
  • Smart locks use the internet or another wireless network to intake credential data. They also connect to a central access panel that stores information and makes decisions.
  • If you’re looking to purchase a smart lock, you might look for a lock from manufacturers like Schlage, August, or Yale.


More and more property managers are counting on smart lock systems to secure their properties and give their residents more features. But are they worth investing in?

Here, we’ll go over what a smart lock for a door is and explain how they work. Then, we’ll help you pick the best smart locks for doors on your property by recapping the five best smart lock providers.

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What is a smart lock for a door?

A smart lock for a door is a type of lock that takes advantage of innovations like the Internet of Things to enable powerful features that aren’t available on an old-school lock.

Smart door lock features include:

  • Multiple credentials. You can choose between multiple ways to open the door. You can choose between PINs, card or fob readers, or even fingerprint scanners — and many locks support multiple options at once.
  • Remote unlocking. These days, you don’t even have to carry around a physical credential or memorize a PIN – using a keyless entry door lock is as easy as a few swipes on your phone.
  • Easier administration. If you’re a property manager, you can easily set or remove users instead of fumbling around with manual records.
  • Higher security. This feature ties into easier administration — you’re less likely to leave a security flaw by leaving an old resident’s password in your system. Plus, you can easily shuffle around PIN codes or issue new keys or fobs if you suspect a security breach.


Can you put a smart lock on any door?

Yes, you can put a smart lock on any door. Whether you’re interested in placing a smart lock on a hinged door or a sliding door, there’s a smart lock on the market that can fit your needs.

You can also put a smart lock on a door that already has an analog lock, or you can install that lock on a door without any previous lock.


What is the difference between a smart lock and an electronic lock?

A smart lock has more features than an electronic lock.

Electronic locks only use wireless tech to read credentials and verify residents’ identities. In contrast, smart locks use wireless technology to connect to other devices to enable features like remote unlocking.


Man unlocking a Bluetooth lock with a smartphone.


How do smart locks for doors work?

Smart locks for doors work by connecting to other pieces of technology, like your smartphone or a router that connects to the internet.

Smart locks for doors have these components:

  • Credential reader. Smart locks use wireless receivers to communicate with credentials. A keyless entry door lock with app connects with a smartphone to receive its credential. Other locks might scan a fob or come with a keypad that accepts a PIN code.
  • Access control panel. After the reader intakes the credential data, the lock forwards it to an access panel that actually verifies the data. The access panel might be located inside the lock, or it might be a larger access panel somewhere on the property that controls several locks at once.
  • Locking mechanism. These are the physical components that engage and disengage at the direction of the access panel.


How do you turn an existing door lock into a smart lock?

You turn an existing door into a smart lock by removing the analog face of your lock and installing the smart lock. This way, you can use your existing deadbolt.

Otherwise, you can remove your old lock entirely and install a smart door lock with a handle, that uses its own deadbolt.


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5 best smart locks

If you’re interested in investing in smart locks for your own property, consider purchasing a smart lock from these established companies.

The best smart lock providers are:

  1. Schlage
  2. Yale
  3. SALTO
  4. August
  5. Ultraloq


1. Schlage

Founded in 1920, Schlage has been an access control mainstay for over a century. After specializing in analog locks and brass keys for decades, Schlage modernized and began offering electronic access products like smart locks and deadbolts.

Some of Schlage’s most popular electronic access products include:

  • Touchscreen deadbolts
  • Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt
  • Sense Smart Deadbolt
  • AD-402 Wireless Lock

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2. Yale

Founded by inventor Linus Yale in 1840, the Yale company is actually responsible for many of the innovations that led to the standard brass key that we’re all used to.

Yale offers a host of products that extend keyless functionality into your entire household.

In addition to Yale’s smart locks, they offer:

  • Smart home modules
  • Safes and delivery solutions
  • An analog selection of handles and knobs

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smart lock systems



Unlike Schlage and Yale, SALTO was founded in 1982 to specifically focus on electronic access control products.

SALTO’s products come with features like:

  • Integrations with other SALTO devices, like panic bars, motorized locks, and more
  • Using central connective hubs and access controllers to fulfill integrations
  • Multiple ways to open the door: use PIN codes, key cards, and smart wristbands to open SALTO doors

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4. August

Headquartered in San Francisco, August offers cameras, locks, and keypads. August integrates with dozens of other brands and serves smart homes across the country.

August’s smart door lock has these features:

  • Unlockable with any smartphone and your Apple Watch
  • Auto-locking capabilities: increase security by setting the August smart lock to engage after a set period of time
  • Tell if your door is closed or open by checking August’s app

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5. Ultraloq

Focusing on smart, internet-powered access devices, Ultraloq is another company that manufactures electronic access hardware.

Benefits of using Ultraloq hardware include:

  • Multiple smart lock options, including levers and deadbolts
  • Separate WiFi adaptor that allows your devices to connect to smart home hubs like Google Home
  • Managing multiple locks with Ultraloq’s Air management software.

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