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Washington DC is a melting pot of locals, traveling professionals, and tourists. This means the nation’s capital is buzzing with people at all times of the day, coming in and out of office and residential buildings. So, there’s no question that safety and access control in Washington DC is crucial.

And this provides the perfect opportunity to tap into some of the best access control systems that make navigating the capital city easier.

In this post, we cover:


How to choose an access control system in Washington DC

Just because a system is easy to use doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for your building type. There are merits to each type of system that match some types of housing in DC better.

Here are the best access control systems for various buildings in DC:

  • Apartments and condominiums. The best type of access control system for multifamily apartment residences is either a video intercom system or a mobile access control system. These are convenient for residents, property managers, and guests.
  • Single-use office buildings. Because these buildings are not resident-centric, a key card or key fob system is best for professionals who are coming and going.
  • Mixed-use buildings. Mixed-use buildings demand access control that fits their unique structure. Not everyone who lives in one of these buildings will need access to the commercial side and vice versa. It’s safe to say that most mixed-use buildings require dual access depending on each side’s needs.


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Access control installation in Washington DC

One of the biggest concerns when assessing a building’s need for access control is the installation process. Depending on the building’s requirements, installation can either be very involved or quick and easy.

Many DC buildings are old and full of dated wiring, which means wiring throughout the whole building will need to be replaced if you purchase a wired access control system.

Furthermore, you’ll need to find a company that knows how to install access control systems in older buildings. Before hiring them, make sure they’re familiar with wired vs wireless installation.

A good example of wireless access control is ButterflyMX’s wireless video intercom. This system replaces wired in-unit hardware with residents’ smartphones, so there’s no need to run wiring throughout the entire building.


Discover how to use the ButterflyMX keypad:


3 access control installers in Washington DC

The three best access control installers in the capital city include:

  1. Astro Services
  2. Compupatch Services
  3. ABE Networks


1. Astro Services

Google rating: 4. 4 / 5 stars

With over twenty years of experience in the business, Astro Services is a great place to go for your installation needs. They not only offer free consultations but they also specialize in services for commercial and residential customers.

Reviews highlight that team members who arrived for their service were thorough and instilled confidence!


2. Compupatch Services

Google rating: 4 / 5 stars

If you’re looking for a business that specializes in more than just security, then Compupatch is the place to call. They’re an IT company that can help install your new access control system. What’s more, they may even help you troubleshoot software issues during repair.

Many reviewers note that the service by Compupatch was quick, easy, and well done!


3. ABE Networks

Google rating: 5 / 5 stars

This access control repair and installation business is locally owned and operated, plus certified. ABE Networks offers customization to smart resident automation, and they’re a full-service business.

Moreover, they serve the whole DMV area.

Reviewers call attention to how well the wiring was done, plus how knowledgeable the team was!


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Best access control system in Washington DC

The best access control security system in Washington DC is ButterflyMX. With ButterflyMX for your DC building, you get a versatile, efficient combination of access control products and services. Further, ButterflyMX products are easy to manage through a user-friendly portal and member database.

ButterflyMX security access control products include:

  • Vehicle access control. Streamline your gated vehicle entrance with the vehicle access control system. Each tenant places a windshield tag on their vehicle and is then granted access each time the driver approaches the gate.
  • Video intercom. The ButterflyMX video intercom is the perfect solution for any private apartment or commercial entrance. In addition, tenants can remotely open doors and gates from their smartphones to allow guest entry.
  • Keypads and readers. Property staff and tenants can use the ButterflyMX smartphone app to access gates or entrances easily. Additionally, ButterflyMX keypads and readers are IP55 outdoor-rated and can withstand temperatures from -31° F to 150°F. So, the rainy Washington DC weather won’t damage your access control system!



  • Access control in Washington DC is critical to the security and ease of access for everyone who works, lives, or visits the capital city.
  • Find an installer that is familiar with older buildings in Washington DC, and knows the difference between wired and wireless access control systems.
  • The best installers for the Washington Metro area are Astro Services, Compupatch Services, and One Source.
  • The best access control system available in Washington DC is ButterflyMX.



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