How to cancel ButterflyMX


In the event that you want to cancel ButterflyMX, please follow the instructions below:


How to cancel ButterflyMX as a resident


You moved out of a ButterflyMX building

If you moved out of a building with ButterflyMX and want to be removed from the system, contact your former property owner or manager and ask them to remove you from the account.

Once you’ve been removed from the ButterflyMX system, follow the instructions below to delete the app from your iPhone or Android device:


You still live in a ButterflyMX building

Before you delete your ButterflyMX account, consider the features that make your life easier.

Have you tried all the convenient ways to open your door? These include:

  • Swipe-to-open: Open the door or gate from anywhere in the world with just a swipe in the ButterflyMX app.
  • Video calling: See who’s at the door or gate before letting them in.
  • Release logs: View a log of your visitors/deliveries and see how they gained access.
  • Virtual keys: Give temporary or recurring digital keys to visitors, such as dog walkers and trusted friends. This way, your visitors can easily access your building — even when you’re not home.
  • Delivery Pass: Send delivery carriers a single-use PIN code so they can access your building and complete your delivery.

Click here for more ways you can open the door or gate.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


If you still want to cancel your account, please contact your property owner or manager and ask them to remove you from the ButterflyMX system. Then, delete the app on your devices.


How to cancel ButterflyMX as a property manager

ButterflyMX is a building amenity that your staff and residents use every day. With ButterflyMX, they enjoy the convenience and security of controlling access from their smartphones.

So, before you consider canceling your service, speak to staff and residents to gauge how they like it. If you’re not yet seeing the value in our system, make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the features we offer.

You might not know about these helpful ButterflyMX features:

  • Permission management: Adjust staff, resident, or visitor permissions for features such as virtual keys and delivery PINs with just a few clicks.
  • Audit trails: Review door release events with time- and date-stamped photos stored for 365 days. You can easily access these from your property management dashboard.
  • Integrations: Connect your property management software with ButterflyMX for automatic tenant directory updates. This way, you won’t have to manually update multiple systems.
  • Delivery management: Provide delivery carriers with PIN codes so they can easily access your building.

If you would still like to cancel, please contact our support team.


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