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Key takeaways

  • Concierge Plus was founded in 1999 by a member of a condo association.
  • The HOA software aims to deliver tech-savvy solutions to all clients, regardless of their tech knowledge level.
  • What’s more, Concierge Plus offers a daily overview of resident information, a multilingual resident portal, and a mobile app that can be accessed anywhere.


Keeping owners and residents happy is one of the keys to an energetic and thriving HOA community. In fact, happy residents are what make managers’ and concierge staff’s lives easier and more productive. In today’s tech-forward world, that means procuring an all-inclusive HOA management software. In addition, the technology employed must make sense to users and be simple to operate. Concierge Plus, a residential property management software, has both bases covered.

You might be considering ConciergePlus for your HOA community, but does it cover all of your bases? In this post, we go over the features and benefits of Concierge Plus. We also dive into its cons, pricing, and some notable alternatives.

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About Concierge Plus

The founder of Concierge Plus, sometimes stylized as ConciergePlus, created the company in 1999 when his condo association became frustrated with the limited management tools available at the time. In response to their frustration, he created the first version of the ConciergePlus software, which the HOA enthusiastically adopted.

Shortly after, Concierge Plus successfully expanded locally and eventually made its way throughout North America. Today, they have offices all over Canada and the United States.

Now, ConciergePlus has 20 years of experience making life easier for HOA association managers and community residents. Furthermore, Concierge Plus continues to deliver an easy-to-use, technically advanced product for every customer, regardless of how tech-savvy.


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ConciergePlus realizes that to stay at the top of their industry, they must deliver two things. First, a superior resident experience and a platform that provides optimum convenience. Second, quality performance for property managers and staff.

The following are just some of the features available with Concierge Plus software:

  • With this software, you get a daily overview of resident information and a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in your community. Managers get a regularly emailed summary of essential tasks so they can stay on top of important events.
  • Your community association will receive a public website dedicated to your community that your HOA board members and residents can access.
  • Further, residents can review their accounts and pay charges from their bank or credit or debit card.
  • Leave the antiquated paper maintenance requests behind. Instead, let the system automate residents’ submissions with an online system that tracks maintenance requests and cuts down response time.
  • You can access ConciergePlus from any browser and take it with you whenever you leave the community.
  • The mobile app keeps management staff and residents updated wherever their busy schedules take them.
  • A multilingual resident portal allows residents and staff to access Concierge Plus content in their native languages. Additionally, languages are available to add to your website in a snap, enabling all residents to participate in events and increase community engagement.
  • Concierge Plus offers affordable integrated hardware tools to augment your apartment website design. What’s more, this integrated hardware is designed to accelerate functions that take valuable time away from managers and staff. ConciergePlus integrated hardware has you covered, from barcode scanners to visitor parking passes.


HOA board members discuss implementation of concierge plus at their community



Concierge Plus does not publish its pricing, but you can contact them to receive a free evaluation and price quote. What’s more, they offer a 30-day free trial to test out the system before investing.


Pros & cons


  • A tech-forward suite of tools that can be customized to suit any community’s requirements.
  • Integrated hardware is available to streamline your operation.
  • The electronic File Share database results in no more concern over lost or missing documents.
  • The system efficiently manages amenities booking, keeps track of community keys, and monitors package deliveries.
  • The Discussion Forum feature encourages resident interaction with manager-initiated dialog.


  • Some users have cited a lack of resources and outdated information.
  • The Quick Vote feature reportedly doesn’t live up to some residents’ expectations.
  • Reviews assert that some configuration procedures can be tricky.


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Should you get Concierge Plus HOA software?

Concierge Plus has many dynamic management, communication, and hardware features. As a result, these help to automate manual and electronic processes. Additionally, they facilitate smooth sailing throughout your condo or multi-family community.

Further, the ConciergePlus HOA software aims to make life easier for condo boards and residents alike by creating new ways to drive productivity.

However, before making any final decisions or commitments, you should schedule a free trial and consider a few alternatives to determine if Concierge Plus is right for you.


Alternatives to Concierge Plus

If you’re looking for other options for Concierge Plus, the following are notable alternatives:

PayHOA specializes in software for self-managed condos and multi-family communities. In fact, they now automate operations for over 11,000 associations. PayHOA provides free onboarding, unlimited support, a 30-day trial, and no contract commitments.

This HOA offers features such as accounting, online payments, communications, violations, maintenance requests, and a branded website.

The people at AppFolio are devoted to continuous learning and improvements to their property management software to deliver a product that makes life easier for HOA administrators and residents.

The AppFolio software provides features such as association financials, online maintenance requests, violation letters, an association calendar, and committee set-up.


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