HID Global access control system review


Key takeaways

  • This HID Global access control review shows that HID is one of the leading access control technology companies and offers a broad suite of products.
  • The HID access control system offers three key benefits: Security, support, and innovation across its solutions.
  • For the best experience, HID access control systems such as mobile access, touchless systems, and RFID readers will likely be the best options.
  • Key features of the HID access control system include the HID access control app, cloud platform, and HID access control software.


Access control has always been a key part of property management, but finding the right solution that works for residents and property managers is often challenging. Any cloud-based access control solution chosen must strike a balance between flexibility and security while still providing peace of mind.

It’s not always easy to strike that balance, and evaluating an access control system across various metrics is crucial to ensure it’s the right choice for you and your residents. For this review, we’ll examine HID Global access control system options in more detail, including different aspects of HID access control software, to help you decide whether it’s the best option.

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What is an HID access control system?

HID is one of the leading access control technology companies and offers a broad suite of products. Its access control technology systems are open, innovative, and designed for maximum security and convenience.

Depending on needs, various access control solutions are available from HID for residential and commercial properties. HID offers everything from basic smart card entry systems to modern options such as HID Mobile Access, so there is a wide range of options for properties.


How HID access control works

Many types of access control systems are available from HID that can suit various buildings.

HID solutions include:

  • Mobile access
  • Touchless RFID readers
  • Cards and other credentials
  • Smart building technologies
  • Controllers

For the best experience, HID access control systems such as mobile access, touchless systems, and RFID readers will likely be the best options.

Mobile access control systems from HID allow door access control using the HID access control app. With touchless access, the HID access control app can be utilized, as well as lobby management solutions for end-to-end access control. HID also offers RFID readers and biometric security, including fingerprint access systems.


Review of HID Global’s access control system

The HID access control system offers three key benefits: Security, support, and innovation across its solutions. A wide variety of access control systems are available, making it easy to find the right level of access control depending on the property and resident’s needs.



The HID access control system includes a variety of key features:

  • HID access control app. The HID access control app for iOS and Apple Watch allows mobile access and touchless solutions. The app also manages entry and exit access and credential management.
  • Cloud. With the cloud platform of select HID access control systems, users can manage credentials in the online portal, adding another layer of security.
  • HID access control software. The HID access control software is easy for property managers, makes it simple for residents to enroll in the mobile access solutions, and makes it easy to manage, add, or revoke credentials as needed in the HID portal.

Other HID access control solutions, such as biometric and RFID readers, are DIY solutions that can be set up quickly and easily. These include smartcard readers with long and short ranges and magnetic strip functionalities. Furthermore, fingerprint readers are compact, easy to set up, and can read various fingerprints accurately and quickly.



HID access control systems vary in cost depending on the scale and complexity of access control needed. Pricing for specific HID solutions is unavailable, but they can be contacted for specific product details as needed.


Pros and cons of HID access control



  • HID access control systems can be paired with the HID access control app.
  • Flexible solutions are available for door access control, ranging from no-frills readers to more complex access control solutions.
  • Cloud-based platform for mobile access and touchless door access control solutions.
  • The HID access control app is available on iOS and Apple Watch for added convenience
  • Long read range for RFID and card readers.
  • DIY solutions can be used with smart cards, fobs, and tags.



  • Pricing isn’t always straightforward for different access control options.
  • Installation and setup can be costly depending on the number of entry and exit points in the building.
  • DIY solutions cannot be connected or managed via cloud platforms.
  • Features aren’t always easy to set up and activate.


Should you get HID Global’s access control systems?

HID access control systems offer many benefits. For instance, HID Global’s innovative, modern solutions are available for properties that require more robust security systems and basic options, such as card readers. For residents and property managers, HID access control systems are convenient and efficient and provide a wide range of control.

Specific solutions, such as mobile access and touchless, are better options since HID access control software is available alongside and includes more features, such as credential management for added security.

However, HID access control systems are not the most transparent solution, and the pricing can vary based on the complexity of the security needed. For some buildings, HID access control systems may not be the most affordable or flexible to set up, making it a less appealing option.

Of course, HID has a wide enough range of products to meet the needs of those seeking flexible and innovative access control solutions.


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Alternative to HID access control systems

If you are still looking for access control system options, there are many other options currently available in the market, including:

  • Stanley Security. Stanley is a cloud-based access control system with a suite of products, including physical card readers, facial recognition software, and more. Product bundles are also available with additional features, such as visitor management systems.
  • Openpath. Openpath is a reliable, secure access control solution. Openpath is also a cloud-based access control system with hardware and software solutions. Openpath smart readers can be integrated with different kinds of key cards, fobs, and even certain smart lock brands.

However, if you’re looking for an end-to-end access control solution starting from the gate to each unit, then ButterflyMX is the best option. ButterflyMX enables users to access the property by using their smartphones.

With a keyless access control solution, you’ll increase the safety and security of your property. Tenants can also grant remote access to their visitors using the ButterflyMX mobile app. You can also remotely manage permissions, review audit logs, and more from the mobile app or the online dashboard, regardless of where you are.


HID Global access control FAQs

Here are answers to your more common questions about HID Global:


Is HID Global a US company?

HID Global’s headquarters are in Austin, TX, where they employ just under 5,000 employees.


Is access part of HID Global?

HID Global is a security company that specializes in access control — digital and physical. They’re mission is to help organizations maintain security on their properties and within their networks.


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