Find out how to find an intercom repair service in Dallas, Texas.


Your intercom system is the first thing residents and guests interact with at your building. Not only does a broken intercom make a bad first impression, but it’s also an incredible security risk to your property. So, to guarantee your access control system functions properly, you must find reliable, efficient intercom repair in Dallas.

In this guide, we go over why your intercom may not be working. Then, we guide you through several intercom repair troubleshooting tips. Finally, we give you our overview of how to find the best Dallas intercom repair services.

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Find out why your Dallas intercom system isn't working.


Why is my intercom not working?

Are you trying to figure out why your intercom system is down?

Here are the top three reasons your intercom may be broken:

  1. Weather damage. Dallas is home to brutal summers and harsh winters. Prolonged sun exposure, water damage, or extreme cold can harm your intercom over time.
  2. Electrical shortages. Shortages within the device are caused by faulty wiring. However, power outages can also cause your intercom to short circuit.
  3. Old or outdated hardware. Older intercoms with old wiring often run slowly. Additionally, they’re more susceptible to power supply failures than modern intercom systems. Further — the older your intercom system, the harder it is to find the necessary parts to perform maintenance or repairs.

The reason for your intercom’s problems will help you decide on a fix. However, unless the cause is vandalism and you want to report the matter, it’s not necessary to know exactly what caused the issue.


How do I know my Dallas intercom needs to be repaired?

In general, you must keep an eye on your intercom. Perform routine checks to take care of preventative maintenance.

Further, keep an eye out for the following issues to prevent irreparable damage:

  • Unusual noises
  • Screen glitches
  • Dropped calls or poor reception
  • Malfunctioning door release

There are all tell-tale signs that your intercom is in need to repair. You must get your Dallas intercom repaired as soon as possible before it’s too late to fix it. Dallas residents need to be able to easily enter their apartments or businesses — whether it’s a brutally hot summer day, a rainy fall afternoon, or a snowy winter storm.


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Dallas intercom repair troubleshooting

It can be difficult to troubleshoot problems with your intercom system. But a broken intercom is a huge security risk to your property. So, hire a professional repair technician if you’re not well-versed in repairing or handling intercoms.

However, with a little bit of research, you can save some time and money by routinely maintaining your access control system yourself.

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot your intercom when it’s malfunctioning:

  • Check the exterior for damage. Usually, exterior damage is visible. Dents, cracks, and deep scratches are things you should look out for. It’s particularly important to check for exterior damage following a severe weather event, power outage, or power surge.
  • Perform a voltage check. Typically, intercoms run between 6 and 16 volts — and having an incorrect voltage will cause performance issues. So, use a voltmeter to assess the voltage and ensure your power source is working properly.
  • Fix the wiring. Intercoms often malfunction due to disconnected or frayed wires. However, you can follow your intercom’s manual instructions to open the panel and check the wiring inside. Compare it to the manual’s wiring diagram to check if any wires are loose or disconnected, and simply reconnect them. But remember to turn the intercom’s power off first to avoid injury.

Most importantly, if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your system, leave it alone. The last thing you want is to make matters worse by accidentally breaking the intercom further. This could force you to replace the system altogether — leaving you with an expensive mess.


Find a local intercom repair service in Dallas.


4 ways to find the best Dallas intercom repair services

Rather than replace the entire intercom system when it breaks, find a certified intercom repair service in Dallas. But how do you go about finding a certified repair company?

Here are four easy ways to find a certified intercom repair service in Dallas:

  1. Contact your intercom system installer
  2. Ask your peers
  3. Research online
  4. Check verified intercom repair service ratings


1. Contact your intercom system installer

Were you satisfied with your intercom installation in Dallas? If so, it’s worth contacting the installer. They’ll likely have a recommendation for an intercom system repair provider.

However, if you’re unsure of how to contact the installer directly, reach out to the intercom brand itself. They may have a database of highly trusted, certified door entry intercom repair specialists in Dallas.


2. Ask your peers

Your fellow property managers, owners, and real estate professionals are a great resource for finding certified intercom repair service providers in Dallas!

Of course, you should ask the industry professionals that you’re in contact with. But you can broaden your reach by posting on local message boards for input.

Going to your peers for information is great because they’re more likely to recommend providers they had good experiences with. Additionally, they can be transparent when it comes to pricing, repair times, and customer service.

Here are a few questions you should ask your peers before going with their recommendations:

  • What type of intercom system did they have repaired? Can the service provider fix your particular intercom system?
  • How long did the repairs take? What was the repair wait time?
  • Is their intercom system functioning properly since the repair?
  • What was the overall cost? How did the final cost compare to the original quote?

And remember: Intercoms with similar issues will need similar repairs. So, if you’re experiencing the same problem as a peer, going with their recommendation will likely be a good choice!


Researching online is a great way to find local intercom repair in Dallas.


3. Research online

The internet is an incredible resource for finding door entry intercom repair in Dallas!

Research online to find and compare intercom repair providers in your area. Online research empowers you to find vendors with great service, response times, and affordable prices. What’s more, you can also read customer reviews and testimonials for valuable insight into various service providers.


4. Check verified intercom repair service ratings

Regardless of how you find an intercom repair service for your Dallas intercom system, it’s paramount that you check their ratings.

Further — make sure that the customer service ratings and reviews you read are verified.

Reviews on Yelp, Google, and third-party websites are great for finding local Dallas intercom repair services. However, these reviews can’t always be trusted. So, check for reviews across many websites, including the company’s own social media to see how they interact with customers.

Pro tip: When you find an intercom repair service provider in Dallas that provides great service, keep their contact information handy. That way, if you’re contacted by a peer, you can give them this provider’s information — and you may even get referral discounts in the future!



  • A broken intercom system is a hindrance to security and resident experience at your Dallas property. It’s key that you get them repaired immediately.
  • There are several troubleshooting options you can try yourself once you determine that your intercom is broken. However, it’s important you only fix the issues you feel confident approaching alone.
  • Troubleshooting options include checking the intercom exterior for damage, performing a voltage check, and fixing the wiring.
  • Find a local Dallas intercom repair service provider that specializes in repairing the type of intercom you have.
  • To find an intercom repair service, try contacting your intercom system installer, asking your peers, researching online, and checking verified intercom repair service ratings.


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