Connect ButterflyMX and VIZpin


If your property has both ButterflyMX and VIZpin, you can enjoy the features of ButterflyMX within the VIZpin mobile app. All you have to do is connect ButterflyMX and VIZpin.



  • See who is at the door before letting them in
  • Issue single-use or recurring virtual keys to trusted visitors and guests
  • Gain access to your building, amenity spaces, your apartment unit, and more from one app



  • The VIZpin mobile app
  • You live in a building with both ButterflyMX products and VIZpin
  • Must have a VIZpin account
  • Must have a ButterflyMX account
  • Your property manager or owner has enabled this feature for your building

Once your building’s property manager or owner has enabled the VIZpin integration, you can then connect your accounts.


Follow these instructions to connect VIZpin and ButterflyMX:

  1. Open up your VIZpin app
  2. Hit ‘Settings’
  3. Click the ‘+’ sign next to ‘Plugins’
  4. Tap the ButterflyMX logo
  5. Enter your ButterflyMX credentials


Step 1: Open up the VIZpin app

Open up the VIZpin app on your smartphone.


Step 2: Hit ‘Settings’

Go to the app’s ‘Settings’ section.


Step 3: Click ‘+’

Click the ‘+’ sign next to ‘Plugins’.


Step 4: Tap the ButterflyMX logo

Look for the ButterflyMX logo and tap it.

ButterflyMX VIZPin Plugin on Iphone


Step 5: Enter your ButterflyMX credentials

Enter your ButterflyMX login information. If you do not know your password you can simply reset it within your ButterflyMX mobile app. If you do not have a ButterflyMX login please contact your property manager.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the ButterflyMX-enabled doors will be immediately available in the app along with your usual VIZpin doors. You can now unlock doors, receive video calls, and create virtual keys from within the VIZpin smart app.


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