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Key takeaways

  • Wireless door locks are safe because mobile credentials can’t be lost, stolen, or cloned in the same way that traditional keys can.
  • Wireless door locks use a wireless credential like a key card, fob, or smartphone to unlock doors.
  • WiFi-programmable door locks are great for all industries, including multifamily buildings and gated communities, commercial offices, industrial facilities, student housing, and more!


Seamless security starts at your front door, which means it’s important to protect your property from the inside out with smarter access control. For this reason, a wireless door lock is one of the best smart locks for apartments and commercial properties.

Read to learn about the best smart locks on the market. Then, find out if wireless door locks are an effective solution for your property. Lastly, explore the benefits of using keyless door locks and how to implement them at your property.

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Are wireless door locks safe?

Yes, wireless door locks are safe. What’s more, wireless door locks are difficult to hack, which means mobile credentials can’t be lost, stolen, or cloned in the same way that traditional keys can.


Going wireless

When you go wireless, you can effectively ditch cables and keys, affording tenants more freedom around the property. With this purpose in mind, WiFi smart door locks offer a hassle-free solution for securing interior and exterior doors.

Smart locks are great for any industry including:

  • Multifamily buildings and gated communities. Grant seamless and secure property-wide access to interior and exterior doors, plus shared amenity spaces. Moreover, wireless door locks make hosting self-guided tours at your property easier than ever.
  • Commercial offices. Control and manage access to commercial office spaces, break rooms, and conference rooms. Furthermore, wireless locks make it easier for employees to access these spaces without risk.
  • Industrial facilities. In industrial buildings, wireless door locks offer a seamless yet secure way to manage and monitor access to sensitive areas.
  • Student housing. A WiFi front door lock makes it easy for students and faculty to open doors with a credential they already have — their smartphones. So, WiFi smart locks offer a convenient way to modernize access at campuses.
  • Salon suites and daycares. Make access simple at salon suites and daycare centers by granting secure access to clients and staff.


Streamline your hardware

Investing in a wireless door lock can help eliminate the need for complex wiring by simplifying your hardware. Extensive wiring can be a hassle. So, smart locks for doors empower you to eliminate the need for unnecessary wires by being a simple yet secure wireless solution.

What’s more, smart lock systems are simple to install at any property and are perfect solutions to retrofit properties. This means you won’t have to worry about paying high installation fees or running wires across your property.


How do wireless door locks work?

Wireless door locks use a wireless credential like a key card, fob, or smartphone-based mobile app to unlock doors. To do this, the door lock’s controller communicates with a cloud server to validate access credentials. Then, the lock stores these entry events on the cloud. So, it’s easy for you to track who’s coming and going to your property.


Protect any door at your property

Achieving seamless access while bolstering security is crucial for properties of all types.

Here’s how a smart lock can protect and secure your property:

  • Exterior doors. Protect your entrances with a wireless door lock and eliminate the risk of unauthorized visitors accessing your building.
  • Interior doors. Control and manage any interior door remotely with a mobile app. What’s more, in the event of a security incident, you can conveniently access logs of who opened a door and when.
  • Shared amenity spaces. Manage access to shared amenity spaces like gyms, conference rooms, rooftops, package rooms, pools, and more!


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Integrating your wireless door lock

You can increase the efficacy of WiFi-enabled door locks by integrating them with a robust access control system such as ButterflyMX.

ButterflyMX offers an all-in-one access control solution that empowers tenants to unlock any door, gate, or access point with just a swipe on their smartphone.

What’s more, ButterflyMX is compatible with more than 80 of the most popular smart lock models.

Other ButterflyMX products that create an end-to-end solution include:

  • Vehicle access control. Grant hands-free access to any vehicle at your property with a vehicle reader and windshield tags.
  • Smart video intercom. Launch two-way video calls with guests for enhanced security. So, you always stay in the know of who accesses your property.
  • Front desk station. Streamline communication and enhance security from your property’s front desk.


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Wireless door lock FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about wireless front door locks:


Can I lock my front door remotely?

Yes. You can lock, unlock, and manage any remotely-controlled door with a smart wireless front door lock.


Are there any disadvantages to using electronic locks?

While electronic locks offer a variety of benefits, there are some disadvantages. For instance, electronic locks rely on batteries and can die if the batteries go unchanged.

Additionally, smart lock systems are internet-enabled. For example, even though they will work during an internet outage, the lock’s functionality will be limited. So, you may not be able to monitor who uses it.


Can keyless door locks be hacked?

Yes, keyless door locks can be hacked because they use wireless technology like WiFi, Bluetooth, or Z-wave connections. However, they’re difficult to hack when installed properly.


Do electric door locks work without power?

Yes, electric door locks will work during a power outage or failure. Additionally, wireless electric locks are battery-powered, so they’ll work as long as the batteries remain charged.


Are smart locks worth it?

Yes. Smart locks are worth it because they’re convenient, easy to manage, and affordable.

What’s more, they eliminate the cost of rekeying and replacing traditional locks. Additionally, they make it easier than ever to track entry events. So, you stay in the know of who’s frequenting your property.


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