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Key takeaways

  • Yardi Breeze is the HOA software launched by Yardi, a popular property management software company, in 2018.
  • The Yardi Breeze app is completely cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere on any device.
  • Extensive accounting features make Yardi’s HOA software a good choice for HOAs in need of financial management assistance.
  • Other reviews suggest the solution is easy to set up but takes some time to master.


For members of an HOA, finding suitable options for managing the association is a daunting challenge. For decades, third-party agencies and manual management solutions have been the standard. However, HOA software solutions such as the Yardi Breeze HOA software have emerged in recent years.

HOA software offered by Yardi makes managing and completing administrative tasks much easier. But with so many options available, how will you know if Yardi Breeze is the right solution for you? This review breaks down everything you need to know about Yardi Breeze, including features, pricing, and a few alternatives.

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About Yardi

Yardi is a property management software company founded in 1982. Their three decades of experience in the property management industry makes them one of the most reliable. Yardi designs various software solutions for property management across different property types.

All of their solutions are cloud-based and designed to be simple and intuitive. Further, they offer solutions for most types of properties, including residential, commercial, affordable, self-storage, HOA, condo, and manufactured housing properties. Additionally, their solutions include built-in accounting systems to make managing and tracking revenue and expenses simple.

Their HOA software, Yardi Breeze, was launched in 2018 to make property management simpler than ever before.


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  • Accounting features include general ledger tracking, streamlined invoice management, and automatically generating financial statements.
  • Cloud-based app. The app exists completely in the cloud, so it’s possible to access it from anywhere on any device.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly task and activity calendars to streamline workflows.
  • Community management features include tracking owners and board members, violations and compliance, and fee tracking.
  • Fast and easy property setup. Some reviewers report getting their Yardi HOA software set up in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Maintenance request management. Yardi automatically organizes maintenance requests and tracks progress.


Yardi Breeze pricing

The Yardi app for HOA management falls under their Yardi Breeze Premier offering. Premier has an annual agreement, which can start at $1 per unit per month with a $400 minimum.

However, exact payments and figures will vary depending on HOA needs. So, contact Yardi to get the most accurate pricing based on your unique circumstances.


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Pros & cons


  • Well-designed, intuitive workflows across different parts of HOA management.
  • Extensive accounting and finance features included.
  • Daily operations within property management and maintenance can be streamlined and tracked accurately.
  • Community management features to track compliance and violations.
  • The system is easy to get up and running within a day.


  • Depending on the number of properties or units, inputting and setting up properties may be a cumbersome process.
  • Yardi Breeze is one of the newest solutions offered by Yardi. As a result, the established troubleshooting strategies may still be growing in comparison to their flagship products.
  • It may take time to get familiar with and learn the different features and workflows of Yardi.


Should you get Yardi Breeze HOA software?

If you’re looking for an HOA software solution that can significantly streamline daily operations, Yardi Breeze is an excellent choice. It can quickly take over basic property management and accounting functions to substantially free up your time. Additionally, Yardi is more cost-effective and easier to manage than hiring a third-party property management team.

However, because Yardi offers such a wide scope of HOA management tools, it takes some time to master. So, setting it up is quick, but getting the system completely up to speed with your specific property details takes time. Consider this when deciding whether Yardi Breeze is right for your needs.

Yardi Breeze is great for HOAs that need additional help with accounting. However, it may lack the depth or detail needed for more complex property management.


Alternatives to Yardi Breeze

While the Yardi Breeze app has some great functionalities and features, many alternative HOA software solutions are available. Let’s check out some HOA software options that might be worth exploring:

DoorLoop is a highly rated HOA software with powerful automated features for seamless, HOA-compliant property management. DoorLoop features include document management and storage, resident portals, automated fee collection, and payment collection, and other financial tools to simplify financial reconciliation and oversight.

AppFolio is a community association software with online tools and intuitive workflows for easy management. AppFolio features include maintenance request and work order management, violation and compliance tracking, association calendar management, and board role setup and tracking.


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