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Key takeaways

  • The best access control software is ButterflyMX.
  • Access control system software empowers you to assign, manage, and monitor access credentials and activities.
  • Access control software works by storing access credentials and permission data on the cloud or a computer.
  • Key features to look for in access control software are: remote management, UX design, property management dashboard, mobile app, integrations.


Managing who comes and goes is a vital part of your day-to-day property management operations. As such, you likely already know how important it is to have some kind of security in place for your business.

However, you may still use traditional metal keys or assign key cards to tenants. So, as technology advances, you’re starting to consider investing in a system with more robust access control software to make your job easier.

Below, you’ll discover the top 10 access control software companies that make securing your property easy and convenient. Additionally, we cover the features to look for in ACS software and how it works.

Learn to control access at your building with software in the following sections:


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Top 10 access control software companies

Looking for the top access control systems on the market, but don’t know where to start?

Here are our picks of the 10 best access control software companies:

  1. ButterflyMX
  2. ZKTeco
  3. Johnson Controls
  4. Axis Communications
  5. Bosch Security
  6. Vanderbilt Industries
  7. ADT
  8. Honeywell
  9. Brivo
  10. Dormakaba


1. ButterflyMX

Serving over 10,000 properties of all sizes and industries, ButterflyMX offers the best access control systems software on the market today. In fact, the software is not only powerful but also easy to use.

ButterflyMX access control solutions include:

  • Video intercoms for easy property access.
  • Package rooms to enable seamless deliveries.
  • Elevator controls to enhance security beyond the lobby.
  • Front door desk stations that increase security by authenticating guest credentials and providing a live video feed.
  • Vehicle access control to manage access to garages, gates, and more.

In fact, thanks to the ButterflyMX operating system (OS), all of these devices provide a unified, high-tech, and streamlined experience.

What’s more, the software ties everything together, allowing devices to communicate with each other, integrate with other programs, and make your building the most efficient it can be.

The ButterflyMX OS offers robust features such as:

  • Integrations. ButterflyMX communicates with other technology for property management, smart lights, temperature control, smart locks, and more to create a seamless smart building.
  • Mobile app. Tenants can manage their own guests and deliveries from the powerful ButterflyMX app. Additionally, with thousands of five-star reviews, the app is a hit with tenants everywhere.
  • 156-degree wide-angle camera. Never miss a moment with our state-of-the-art wide-angle lens for enhanced visibility.
  • WiFi and RFID connectivity. Flexible connectivity options empower you to open entry points with a smartphone, key fob, or access card.
  • Virtual keys. Managing access just got easier with virtual keys. So, staff and tenants can issue digital access keys, allowing their guests to enter the building at approved times.


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2. ZKTeco

Specializing in biometric access control, ZKTeco software offers advanced access management for high-security environments.

ZKTeco access control software offers:

  • Fingerprint, finger vein, and palm recognition technology.
  • Accurate facial recognition, even when an individual is wearing a face mask.
  • Easy and efficient self-service visitor registration.
  • Temperature screening.
  • Car-parking management with vehicle recognition.
  • Real-time remote management.
  • QR code and mobile access.
  • Lastly, is great for high-traffic environments that require enhanced security like hotels, hospitals, schools, and more.


3. Johnson Controls

Offering innovative solutions, Johnson Controls is great for commercial properties of all sizes.

Key features of Johnson Controls include:

  • Energy management systems for sustainability efforts.
  • Scalable and intuitive building automation systems like HVAC, lighting, security and fire detection systems.
  • Smart home integrations.
  • Intrusion detection technology like smart sensors and weapon detectors.
  • Video surveillance systems.
  • Additionally, sends real-time mass notifications in the event of an emergency.


4. Axis Communications

From hospitals to airports to retail, Axis Communications offers many solutions for a wide range of industries.

Axis Communications offers:

  • Thermal imaging with intelligent analytics.
  • License plate recognition for vehicles.
  • Body-worn cameras for security personnel.
  • Intelligent network relay modules that integrate with alarm and intrusion systems.
  • Flexible video management software.
  • Further, high-end surveillance solutions.


5. Bosch Security

Offering flexible and scalable solutions, Bosch Security access control software is powerful yet easy to use.

Key features of Bosch Security door access control software includes:

  • Future-proof access management systems for medium and large-scale buildings.
  • Video and alarm integrations.
  • Offline locks for remote locations.
  • Multi-factor authentication for elevated security.
  • Fingerprint and facial recognition readers.
  • Finally, adaptive recognition integrations for secure access.


6. Vanderbilt Industries

With modern access control system software and reliable hardware, Vanderbilt Industries offers solutions that are designed to control facility lockdowns.

The benefits of Vanderbilt Industries include:

  • Is flexible and scalable.
  • Offers alarm integration to detect fires and unauthorized entries.
  • Is equipped with smart door readers that make it easy to move between locked spaces quickly.
  • Lastly, works great at properties with multiple doors.


7. ADT

From residential single-family homes to small businesses, ADT is a trusted leader in security system software.

The benefits of ADT include:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring.
  • Smart home automation and video security integrations.
  • Sends real-time alerts of suspicious activity.
  • Offers free security assessments.
  • Finally, provides enhanced data protection services.


8. Honeywell

From commercial buildings to airports, Honeywell provides future-forward solutions for businesses of all types.

Honeywell provides features like:

  • Integrations with fire and life safety solutions.
  • Offers data insights for predictive maintenance and building upkeep.
  • Offers real-time analysis of identified threats for cybersecurity.
  • Empowers you to automatically manage assets with IoT devices.
  • Furthermore, provides dependable threat detection.


9. Brivo

Specializing in access control software, Brivo offers solutions that enhance physical security for your peace of mind.

Benefits of Brivo include:

  • Integrations with smart home technology, smart locks, and alarms.
  • Enhanced cybersecurity practices.
  • Provides data-driven insights and portfolio analysis.
  • Convenient digital badges for employees.
  • Simple-to-use mobile passes.
  • Additionally, empowers you to easily manage and customize door access permissions.


10. Dormakaba

Dormakaba provides a convenient entrance management system that allows you to easily manage foot traffic throughout your building.

Key offerings of Dormakaba are:

  • Centrally managed platform that’s user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Automated time and labor reporting.
  • Wireless connectivity options.
  • Lastly, integrates with software that allows you to easily manage your access schedule and set holiday and vacation blocks.


What is access control software?

Access control system software is the application you use to assign, manage, and monitor access credentials and activities. Additionally, updating permissions, reviewing entry events, and responding to guests at the front door are all a part of access software.

However, not every access control system uses software to function.

Depending on the type of access control device, you may not need software installed to control access at your building. However, most modern access systems are electronic and require software to operate.

So, before you choose software, there are several different types of access control to consider.


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How does access control software work?

Access control software works by storing access credentials credential and permission data on the cloud or an on-site computer. Moreover, the control panel — the brains of the access control system — runs on this software.

Essentially, the software has all the data and code to operate the whole access control system, plus help your credentials, readers, and panel communicate.

With this in mind, you can invest in the shiniest key cards on the market but it won’t work without the right software to tie everything together.


In addition to software, all access control systems need:

  • Credentials. Access credentials are the devices tenants use to prove their identity and gain access. Moreover, key cards and fobs are popular RFID credentials. However, mobile apps are becoming more common because of their demand.
  • Readers. Readers are installed at every door that needs controlled access. Then, users hold up their credentials to the reader to gain entry. Finally, once the reader scans the credentials, it tells the control panel to unlock the door.
  • Door release mechanism. You need electronic or magnetic locks at the door to unlock it on command. As a result, when staff and tenants use their credentials, the mechanism opens the door for them. So, the door release also allows you to remotely open the door to grant visitors access.

All this might seem daunting at first. But don’t worry, you don’t have to decide right now what type of software you want. Instead, what matters is that you narrow down what you want the software to do.


Features to look for in access control software

Now that you understand what access software is and how it works, it’s important to decide what you want it to do.

The top features you want in any access control software are:


Remote management

With a cloud-based access control software, you can remotely manage access within the dashboard. Moreover, the best access control software empowers you to edit permissions or review entry logs from anywhere.


UX design

User experience (UX) is everything in the world of software. If the software is hard to use, your staff and tenants will feel frustrated and may not adopt the system. So, make sure to read reviews and research what the experience is like for tenants, staff, and guests to use the software.

Further, there’s no point in purchasing an access control system that your tenants won’t use. So, make sure the software is accessible and intuitive.


Property management dashboard

Your staff and tenants aren’t the only users who matter. As the property manager or owner, you’ll need to make sure that the user experience for the software is great for you as well. So, ask for a demo of the property management dashboard to see what it’s like to use it.


Mobile app

For a great mobile access experience, you need software that includes a mobile app. So, check out reviews on the Google and Apple stores to make sure the app is well-liked by the customers who use it.

To enhance the resident experience, choose software that offers multiple ways to open the door using the app. For instance, voice commands enable residents to unlock the door even when their hands are full.


See the ButterflyMX mobile app in action:



One of the best things about using access control software is that different platforms can talk to each other and make your building’s access more intelligent. Moreover, many access control solutions today integrate with other smart technologies like property management software, smart lights, and temperature controls. What’s more, your system can even integrate with elevator controls.


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