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Security and convenience are two crucial factors for any multi-tenant property. And proptech (property technology) is the best way to bring both to your multifamily building. One popular property technology you may be considering for your apartment building is a smart lock.

Apartment building smart locks empower property staff and residents to easily manage access and open doors right from their smartphones. But with so many smart locks on the market, how do you choose the right one for your building?

Read this review to learn more about Obsidian smart locks by Kwikset, and to see whether they’re the right access control accessory for your property.

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About Kwikset

Kwikset, founded in 1946, is a leading lock manufacturer. The company is focused on meeting property owners’ needs by creating an innovative lock that is secure, stylish, and convenient. Some of its patented products include smart deadbolts, keyless combination locks, and connected home technology — all of which come in various styles and finishes.

While Kwikset is headquartered in Orange County, California, its products are available for purchase online, through retailers, and from distributors throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Kwikset is committed to continuously improving its products and features to provide unmatched security and convenience.


About Obsidian smart locks

Kwikset’s Obsidian smart locks are low-profile, electronic touchscreen deadbolts. Named after a volcanic rock, Obsidian is a stylish, modern, and secure smart lock. It doesn’t have a keyway, making it completely keyless.

The Obsidian smart lock comes in two versions: a non-connected and a Home Connect version. The non-connected version is the base model, while the Home Connect model includes Z-Wave Plus. Allowing the Home Connect model to integrate with home automation systems.

Kwikset’s Obsidian smart lock doesn’t offer a mobile app or Bluetooth functionality. However, it does pair with certain home automation platforms, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung’s SmartThings.


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Review of the Obsidian smart lock

The Obsidian smart lock may offer reliable security with a modern and sleek appearance. Keep reading for a closer look at the Obsidian lock, its features, pricing, and some pros and cons.



  • User codes. Create 30 customized user codes to manage who can access your property. Since there is no mobile app, user codes must be created either through the lock itself or through a smart home platform.
  • Master code. Optional master code for improved user management.
  • Auto-lock. Obsidian will automatically lock after 30 seconds — although this feature is optional.
  • ANSI/BHMA rated. The Kwikset Obsidian lock is BHMA Grade 2 certified to ensure durability and security.
  • Home Connect. Obsidian Home Connect features Z-Wave Plus, meaning it offers an extended wireless range, allows over-the-air firmware updates, and has excellent wireless encryption.
  • SecureScreen. The Obsidian smart lock’s touch screen provides an additional layer of security with SecureScreen, which applies random digits prior to entering your personal code. This may help prevent fingerprint and code detection.


Kwikset Obsidian pricing

Depending on where you purchase from, Kwikset Obsidian smart locks cost between $134 and $250. The cost of the non-connected Obsidian lock model ranges on the lower end of $130 while the Obsidian Home Connect lock costs $200 or more.


Pros & cons


  • Keyless. Obsidian smart locks are keywayless, meaning they have no keyway to pick or bump. They create a completely keyless entry using only PIN codes.
  • Backup power source. The bottom of the deadbolt features 9V terminals as a backup power source. If the Obsidian’s AA batteries die, you can quickly power it by touching 9V battery prongs to the terminals.
  • Easy setup and installation. Kwikset makes setting up your new Obsidian smart lock very easy by providing color-coded screws to easily install the lock based on your door’s thickness.



  • No mobile app. Unlike some other smart locks, the Obsidian does not include a mobile app. As a result, tenants can’t use their smartphones to lock or unlock doors, create access codes, or check the status of the lock.
  • Slow response. Some users have expressed that it takes a few taps for the touchscreen to wake up and respond.
  • Limited number of codes. The standard Obsidian lock allows up to 16 codes and the Obsidian Home Connect model allows up to 30 codes. The Obsidian’s code limit may be lower than other smart locks on the market.
  • Limited integrations. The Obsidian may not pair with many popular smart home hubs, such as Apple HomeKit and Google Home. Additionally, even the platforms it does integrate with may have limited functionality. For example, users can’t create access codes through the Alexa app.


Should you get an Obsidian smart lock?

If you’re in the market for a sophisticated and minimalistic smart lock, the Kwikset Obsidian is a modern and secure option. Its stylish design sets it apart from other locks.

The Obsidian smart lock is a great choice for your apartment if you’re looking for something with a sleek aesthetic. If you own or manage a newly developed or renovated apartment building, this may match the style you’re going for. The Obsidian offers your residents a keyless solution, empowering them to open doors with their own PIN codes. Plus, the backup battery option provides extra peace of mind.

However, if you’re looking for a more robust smart lock with many features, the Obsidian might not be right for you. It may not be the right choice for property owners and managers seeking a smart lock with a mobile app.


Alternatives to the Kwikset Obsidian

For an alternative to Kwikset Obsidian smart locks, consider the Kwikset Halo. This smart lock offers some of the same great features as the Obsidian. In addition, it offers multiple entry modes including a mobile app and a keyway if you prefer having a physical key to fall back on.

Integrations with other property technology are key to transforming your property into a smart building. By connecting your smart lock with a video intercom, you’ll enhance security and convenience. That way, you can create a seamless property access experience for staff, residents, and visitors at your building.


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