Unlocking Bluetooth lock with a smartphone


In an increasingly digital age, more and more buildings are relying on smart locks to help streamline building operations. Smart technology offers property managers and business owners flexibility and security — all while making access convenient. From multifamily buildings to commercial offices, a Bluetooth lock is a popular choice for keyless entry.

Read on to learn what a Bluetooth lock is and how it differs from Z-wave and WiFi locks. Then, explore the 5 best Bluetooth locks on the market.

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What is a Bluetooth lock?

A Bluetooth lock uses hands-free technology to detect whether an unlocking credential — like a key fob, smartphone, or other smart device — is nearby. The lock then authorizes this credential to grant automatic entry.

What’s more, a smart lock with a Bluetooth lock app allows you to send visitors and service providers digital keys so that they can securely access your building.


Unlocking a Bluetooth lock with a smart watch


How does a Bluetooth lock work?

A Bluetooth smart lock pairs with authorized Bluetooth-enabled devices, which are used as credentials to unlock doors.

Bluetooth locks are battery-powered and don’t require an internet connection to pair with unlocking credentials. So, they may be simpler to set up than WiFi locks and other smart locks that require an internet connection. Overall, they’re a simple way to provide remote and automated access at various doors throughout your building.


How secure is a Bluetooth lock?

A Bluetooth door lock can be just as secure as a traditional lock if the network powering it is secure. A Bluetooth door lock with a camera is the most secure option because it allows you to see who’s at the door.

Consider pairing your Bluetooth locks with a secondary security measure like an access control or security camera system to increase safety at your building.


Man unlocking a Bluetooth lock with a smartphone.


Can Bluetooth locks be hacked?

Bluetooth locks are extremely difficult to hack when installed properly. They can be quite challenging to install yourself, so it’s recommended to hire a certified installer or locksmith to carry out this process.


Bluetooth locks vs. Z-wave locks vs. WiFi locks

There are plenty of smart locks with wireless capabilities to choose from, so it’s important to consider your options to make the best choice for your building.

Let’s assess the differences between Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and WiFi locks:


Bluetooth Lock Z-Wave Lock WiFi Lock

1-2 year battery life.

1-2 year battery life. 1-3 month battery life.
Doesn’t have effective remote access. Can be controlled remotely. Can be controlled remotely.
Low bandwidth. Low bandwidth. High bandwidth.
No central hub is required. No central hub is required. Requires a central hub.


Pros and cons of Bluetooth locks

Wondering if a Bluetooth door lock system is right for your building?

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of Bluetooth locks to consider:


Advantages of Bluetooth locks:

  • Convenient. A Bluetooth lock can be used at any entrance in your building. Additionally, a Bluetooth gate lock can easily automate access to the gates at your property.
  • Easy to use. Bluetooth locks open automatically as soon as your fob, smartphone, or other Bluetooth-enabled device is within range.
  • Battery powered. Most Bluetooth locks are battery powered so you don’t have to worry about them not working during power outages.
  • No internet connection is required. Bluetooth locks don’t require an internet connection, so you won’t need to set up a wireless gateway or maintain a reliable WiFi network.


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Drawbacks of Bluetooth locks:

  • Can’t be controlled remotely. Bluetooth locks only work if your credential is within range of the lock.
  • Pricey. Most Bluetooth locks cost between $100-$300 per lock.
  • Bluetooth can drain your battery. Having Bluetooth activated on your smartphone or smart device for extended periods of time can drain your battery. So, the lock won’t open if your smartphone or smartwatch dies.


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5 best Bluetooth locks

Finding the best Bluetooth lock for your building is crucial, but how do you decide which one to choose with so many options on the market?

Here’s our round-up of the best Bluetooth locks:

  1. Eufy Smart Lock Touch: Best with built-in WiFi
  2. Lockly Flex Touch Fingerprint Deadbolt: Easiest to install
  3. Wyze Lock Bolt: Most affordable
  4. Yale Assure Lock SL: Best with backup battery
  5. Kwikset Aura 942 BLE Door Lock: Best with up to 250 user codes


1. Eufy Smart Lock Touch

Google rating: 5/5


  • 4 ways to unlock
  • IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Auto-locking capabilities
  • Reads fingerprints within 0.3 seconds


  • Limited integrations
  • Pricey at $169.99
  • Only compatible with lever-door handles


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Unlocking a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock with a smartphone.


2. Lockly Flex Touch Fingerprint Deadbolt

Google rating: 4/5


  • Easy DIY installation
  • State-of-the-art fingerprint sensor
  • Stores up to 99 prints
  • Auto-locking feature


  • Pricey at $189.99
  • Requires hub for WiFi connection
  • Limited integrations


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3. Wyze Lock Bolt

Google rating: 4/5


  • Affordable at $73.99
  • Up to 1 year battery life
  • 0.5 second fingerprint recognition
  • Backlit keypad


  • No voice control
  • Lacks integrations


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Locking a Bluetooth door lock with a smartphone.


4. Yale Assure Lock SL

Google rating: 4/5


  • Compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri
  • Share unique entry codes with guests


  • Pricey at $309.99


5. Kwikset Aura 942 BLE Door Lock

Google rating: 4/5


  • Up to 250 user codes
  • Monitor usage with mobile app
  • 100ft Bluetooth range
  • Affordable at $120.50


  • No voice control


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open smart lock with mobile app


A unified access control solution

If you’re looking for a complete solution for all of your keyless entry needs, consider a unified access control system. ButterflyMX offers a complete solution to control access into and throughout your building.

Our suite of products — including video intercoms, keypads and card readers, vehicle readers, and elevator controls — all work in tandem under one OS. That means property staff can easily manage every device within the system on the go from one convenient web-based dashboard.

Best of all, ButterflyMX integrates with more than 80 smart lock models, so property staff and residents can control the entire system — including smart locks on unit doors — from the ButterflyMX app or dashboard.

For residents, that means entering the building, unlocking amenity spaces, and opening their unit door all from one app on their smartphones. And for property staff, that means easily managing resident access permissions across all devices with just a click.


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  • Bluetooth locks detect Bluetooth-enabled credentials within a close range for convenient hands-free entry.
  • Bluetooth locks are energy efficient, convenient, and easy to use.
  • Bluetooth door locks tend to be pricey and can’t be controlled remotely.
  • The best Bluetooth locks offer auto-locking with multiple ways to unlock.
  • A comprehensive access control system includes a suite of products like smart locks, video intercoms, keypads, and card readers that work collectively with one another for cohesive building access.


butterflymx cloud-based access control system


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