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Key takeaways

  • The best electronic deadbolt locks include Yale Assure 2, Schlage keypad deadbolt, Kwikset Obsidian, and MiLocks electronic touchpad lock.
  • A fully integrated system with end-to-end connection will empower residents to go keyless.
  • You can use an electronic deadbolt lock to secure entrances, allow access to amenity spaces, and enhance your property’s access connection.
  • The biggest difference between electronic and smart locks is that smart locks can be unlocked with WiFi, while an electronic lock needs a proximity key or physical action.


Perhaps you’re looking for extra security to pair with your apartment intercom system. Or, maybe, you want a single-use deadbolt system to secure your property and its units. Either way, an electronic deadbolt lock is a good smart lock option for multifamily properties.

Below, we give you a list of the top electronic deadbolt locks on the market. Then, we give you an idea of the best uses for deadbolts. Lastly, we help you determine how best to maximize security by pairing deadbolt locks with a robust access control system

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Best electronic deadbolt locks

The best electronic deadbolt is the one that meets your needs, secures your building, and adds the most convenience to your residents. Furthermore, the best lock will check off every must-have on your list.

Here are four electronic locks that meet these requirements:

  1. Yale Assure 2 lock
  2. Schlage keypad deadbolt
  3. Kwikset Obsidian
  4. MiLocks electronic touchpad lock


1. Yale Assure 2 lock

Price: $279.99

One of the best-known wireless door locks is the Yale Assure 2. As such, it’s a good option if you’re looking for something versatile and simple to use.

Features of the Yale electronic deadbolt door lock include:

  • Keyed and keyless options. Yale Assure empowers you to unlock with a key, fingerprint, smartphone, or access code.
  • Quick unlock speed. Residents can quickly unlock doors in 0.5 seconds.
  • Compatible with smart home technology. The biggest benefit of Yale Assure 2 is its integration ability with smart home devices and voice assistant technology.
  • Three sleek finishes. Match your new deadbolt lock with your building’s design with a black, bronze, or nickel finish.
  • Share and schedule access. Yale locks empower you to easily share access with visitors and service providers.

Read the full Yale Assure Lock 2 smart lock review »


2. Schlage keypad deadbolt

Price: $116.95

Schlage is one of the most reliable lock manufacturers. Moreover, it’s trustworthy and easy to find in stores and online.

Features of the Schlage keypad deadbolt include:

  • Several finishes. With so many finishes, it’s easy to choose a lock that fits your building’s theme.
  • Keyed and keyless entry. With the Schlage keypad deadbolt, your tenants can gain access using keys or the light-up keypad — whichever method makes them more comfortable.
  • Long-lasting battery. The Schlage keypad deadbolt door lock has a long-lasting battery that can last three-plus years.


3. Kwikset Obsidian

Price: $229

The Kwikset Obsidian deadbolt door lock is a sleek, touchscreen door lock with many features. Moreover, it’s easy to use and tenants will enjoy the security.

The top features of the Obsidian include:

  • User codes. Create customized user codes to manage who can access your property.
  • Auto-lock. Obsidian will automatically lock after 30 seconds, contributing to a safer system.
  • Home Connect. Obsidian Home Connect features Z-Wave Plus, meaning it offers an extended wireless range and has reliable wireless encryption.
  • SecureScreen. SecureScreen, which applies random digits prior to entering your personal code, may help prevent fingerprint and code detection.


4. MiLocks electronic touchpad lock

Price: $46

MiLocks’ electronic touchpad lock is the most cost-efficient option on this list, making it perfect for money-conscious property owners and managers. Although, it’s not as high-tech as some of the others. However, this may be a plus for residents who don’t want to learn new tech.

MiLocks electronic touchpad lock features include:

  • Auto lock. Auto lock options on the MiLocks touchpad lock make it a secure option in case someone forgets to lock the door behind them.
  • Backlit keypad. A backlit keypad makes it easy for residents to see the touchpad and punch in their PIN during low-light times.
  • Keyed and keyless entry. Residents have the option of using their keys or gaining entry using their unique PIN.


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Integrating your electronic deadbolt lock

Many properties rely solely on deadbolt door locks to secure their tenants and assets. So, while an electronic deadbolt lock or a wireless front door lock is a great device on its own, integrating this technology with a more robust access control system will give you even more control of your building’s functions.

Furthermore, a fully integrated system with end-to-end connection will empower residents to go keyless. So, it’s no wonder so many property managers and owners are opting to integrate their smart deadbolt locks with access control systems such as ButterflyMX.

For example, ButterflyMX access control products integrate with more than 80 electronic lock models, including Yale, Schlage, and August. Furthermore, this empowers residents to access the front entrance, amenity spaces, garages, elevators, and even their apartment units from just one top-rated mobile app.


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Electronic door lock FAQs

Here we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about electronic deadbolt locks:


Where will you use electronic locks?

There are quite a few use cases for electronic deadbolt locks, including:

  • Secure front entrances and exits using traditional or keyless access.
  • Empower residents to access amenity spaces such as gyms, offices, and more.
  • Use deadbolt locks in connection with other security technology, such as intercoms, for greater access control.


What is the difference between a smart lock and an electronic lock?

The biggest difference between electronic and smart locks is that smart locks can be unlocked with WiFi, while an electronic lock needs a proximity key or physical action.


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