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By now, you know the importance of controlling access to your multifamily building. But did you know that not all building entry systems are created equal?

Having the right intercom system can make or break the tenant experience at your property. So if you’re shopping for a new property access solution, choose one that will delight residents while improving security — like a touchscreen intercom.

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What is a touchscreen intercom?

A touchscreen intercom is a building entry solution whose hardware has a touchscreen interface instead of keypads and buttons. Along with most technology, intercoms have experienced an evolutionary journey toward convenience and ease of use.

Touchscreen intercoms allow users to tap the device’s screen to:

  • Navigate the tenant directory
  • Call a tenant
  • Enter an access code

Many — but not all — touchscreen intercom systems also have a built-in camera to enable video calling. This means residents can actually see who’s requesting property access before unlocking the door for them.


Benefits of touchscreen intercoms

There are many benefits to installing a touchscreen intercom at your multifamily building. Most of those benefits center around creating a better access experience for tenants, visitors, and staff.

Benefits of a touchscreen intercom include:


Increase security

Every access control system should enhance security. After all, tenants want to have confidence in the entry system that keeps their building secure. But if a system lacks modern features, confidence levels won’t be as high as they should be.

By installing a touchscreen intercom system, you’ll reassure residents that you take their safety seriously. A modern touchscreen entry system is a huge step up from an outdated telephone entry system that constantly breaks down or simply fails to instill confidence.


the ButterflyMX touchscreen intercom increases security

The ButterflyMX touchscreen intercom installed at a building’s front entrance.


Ensure ease of use

The power to improve everyone’s routine comes with having easy access — and that requires a powerful building entry system. Believe it or not, ease of use is critical to how daily activities are carried out at your property.



Not everyone considers delivery personnel when they’re implementing access control. However, it’s a critical daily routine that must be accounted for.

Without a touchscreen intercom that makes it easy for delivery carriers to gain property access, they may be more likely to take shortcuts. And those shortcuts will inevitably include leaving deliveries outside the building or in unlocked spaces.

With an easy-to-use access control system, such as a touchscreen intercom, it’s faster and easier for couriers to complete deliveries and prevent package theft.


Discover how easy it is to use a delivery pass with ButterflyMX:


Tenant entry

Building access is an important part of the tenant experience. That means making property access less frustrating. Touchscreen intercoms are helpful because they give tenants a quick and easy way to enter the building.

Additionally, most touchscreen intercoms provide multiple entry methods, like opening the door with a smartphone or voice command. As a result, tenants will no longer need to tote their keys around. The fewer steps they need to enter their own building, the happier they’ll be.


Introduce convenience

These days, everyone seeks solutions that enhance convenience. People are busier than ever, which means that everything — including access control systems — should be able to keep up.

In this sense, convenience means making access to your building easier with mobile apps, touchless entry, and even virtual keys. And many touchscreen intercoms offer all those conveniences. By streamlining building entry, you’re effectively improving the resident experience.


Add curb appeal

Believe it or not, you can improve the curb appeal of your building by installing a touchscreen intercom system.

No matter where your property is located, you’ve likely seen the many types of intercom systems. You’ve also noticed how the outdated hardware that sits outside of them can speak volumes about the care put into the building.

With a modern, sleek intercom at your property’s entrance, you’ll increase the property’s value and give prospective residents and visitors a positive first impression. You may even be able to increase your rent rates with modern, smart technology like a touchscreen intercom.


Top 5 touchscreen intercom systems on the market

Now that you know the benefits of a touchscreen intercom, it’s time to determine what is the best intercom. Below, we share a list of the best touchscreen intercom systems on the market.

The top 5 touchscreen intercom systems:

  1. ButterflyMX
  2. Aiphone
  3. Akuvox
  4. Swiftlane
  5. Comelit


1. ButterflyMX

Founded in 2014, ButterflyMX seeks to simplify building access and create a seamless access experience from the property’s front entrance to every space within.

ButterflyMX’s video intercom has a sleek yet durable touchscreen paired with an intuitive user interface. Even visitors who have never used a ButterflyMX intercom can easily tap its screen and quickly figure out how to call a tenant and request access.

But that’s not all.

The ButterflyMX video intercom also offers:

  • A cloud-based dashboard for remote system management
  • Easy integration with existing access control systems, property management software, and smart locks
  • Mobile app and smartphone-controlled door access
  • Simple installation since there are no wires or in-unit hardware needed


Looking for the best video intercom system?


2. Aiphone

Aiphone sells a variety of access control products for both commercial and multifamily properties. And their product lineup includes a touchscreen intercom system that may meet some needs: the Aiphone IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

This Aiphone touchscreen intercom includes:

  • A camera for video calling
  • Wall-mounted, in-unit tenant stations
  • PoE connectivity

Keep in mind that this product requires in-unit hardware, which could lead to a difficult and expensive installation.

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3. Akuvox

Touting a global reach, Akuvox sells a touchscreen intercom designed for multifamily buildings.

The Akuvox video intercom includes:

  • Time-stamped log of every entry for safety and auditing
  • QR codes for guest entry
  • A mobile app

While there are some high-tech options like the mobile app, this system may require in-unit hardware and may not integrate with other proptech you already use. What’s more, the company is based in China, so you may not be able to access any sort of live customer support.

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4. Swiftlane

Swiftlane claims to have created its products out of a desire to minimize the number of keys, fobs, and accessories needed to access one’s building. Their primary product is a touchscreen intercom that is essentially an iPhone.

The Swiftlane video intercom system features:

  • A built-in camera
  • The ability for property managers to grant scheduled access to service providers
  • A mobile app that tenants can use to grant access to guests

However, Swiftlane’s prices can be somewhat steep, starting at $2,250 and quickly increasing from there. If budget is a concern, know that this system could cost upward of $10,000 by the time installation is complete.

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5. Comelit

This access control company has been around for a while, specializing in a range of access control and security systems. Comelit sells a few different intercom models, and only certain ones have a touchscreen.

Comelit’s touchscreen intercom includes:

  • A remote access option with a mobile app
  • Two-way video calling
  • Digital access codes for visitors

One thing to keep in mind about Comelit’s touchscreen intercom is that it may require in-unit hardware, which is expensive to purchase, install, and maintain.

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  • A touchscreen intercom is a modern take on the traditional telephone entry system or intercom call box. It eliminates the need for outdated elements such as keypads and buttons.
  • The benefits of a touchscreen intercom include increasing security, ensuring ease of use, introducing convenience, and adding curb appeal.
  • The top five multitenant intercom systems with touchscreens include ButterflyMX, Aiphone, Akuvox, Swiftlane, and Comelit.


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