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Key takeaways

  • The best WiFi gate controllers to buy are Ghost Controls, USAutomatic, ismartgate, and Remootio.
  • Your best alternative to a WiFi gate controller is the ButterflyMX vehicle access control system and video intercom system.
  • A WiFi gate controller works by storing user information externally via WiFi and then opening the gate when a user presents the correct credentials.
  • You can extend WiFi to your gate by purchasing a WiFi bridge or a WiFi extender.


When it comes to controlling gate access to your property, you’re going to want the latest gate opener technology. This is especially true if your gate has a high number of daily users. A WiFi gate controller is one modern solution that might work for your property. But is it the best type of gate controller?

In this post, we’ll first cover the best WiFi gate controllers to buy. Next, we’ll explore the best gate access control system. Lastly, we’ll review how WiFi gate controllers work.

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4 best WiFi gate controllers to buy

The best WiFi gate controllers will depend on your property type. Do you have residents who receive a high number of visitors? What’s the size of your parking lot? All are valid considerations when choosing gate controllers and WiFi gate openers.

With that said, here are the top 4 WiFi gate controllers to meet your property’s needs:

  1. Ghost Controls
  2. USAutomatic
  3. ismartgate
  4. Remootio


1. Ghost Controls

Ghost Controls’ Dual Smart Gate Upgrade Bundle with WiFi and Bluetooth Access is a bundle that includes both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options for their gate controllers. Bluetooth is useful when WiFi is down or otherwise not available.

Other features of this device allow you to:

  • Open the gate using a mobile device.
  • Monitor your gate status from a mobile device.
  • Schedule open and close automation.
  • Run diagnostic checks.
  • Control multiple gates.
  • Run on solar power.

Price: $249

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2. USAutomatic

USAutomatic’s Nexx Gate WiFi Controller also features both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Their standout features include:

  • A smartphone app that controls the gate from mobile devices.
  • Remote access for guests.
  • LED indicator lights on the device for power, WiFi connectivity, and activity.
  • Notifications when the gate opens and closes.

Price: $124.95


3. ismartgate

ismartgate offers a PRO kit for gates, including a WiFi controller and a wireless magnetic sensor. It operates through various control systems, including IOS/Android smartphones, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings.

Standout features include:

  • Video and audio at your gate.
  • Compatibility for up to three different gates.
  • Remote management.

Price: $199


4. Remootio

Remootio offers a WiFi gate opener with more than three sensors and a power adaptor multipack.

Their standout features include:

  • Bluetooth compatibility in case your WiFi is down.
  • Remote monitoring and management of your gates via smartphone.
  • Built-in WiFi bridge connects to your WiFi over a large distance.
  • Compatibility with standard gate remote controllers.
  • Compatible with devices like Alexa and Google Home so that you can utilize voice commands for your gate.
  • Easy key sharing with guests and visitors thanks to their mobile app.

Price: $119


The best alternative to a WiFi gate controller

WiFi gate controllers can be useful, but they’re not the best system for gate access control. The ButterflyMX vehicle access control system and video gate intercom system combine the best of a WiFi gate controller with an intercom system. ButterflyMX access control systems are designed to serve multifamily properties, commercial properties, gate communities, parking garages, daycare centers, student housing, marinas, and more.

The ButterflyMX vehicle access control system has a ton of features that take\ your gate access to the next level.

Those features include:

  • Two-way video. Residents can see who they’re talking to and vice versa, allowing for safer visitor access.
  • Remote entry. Guests can receive temporary access thanks to PIN codes that expire within a set time frame.
  • Mobile entry. Users can enter the gate by using their smartphones thanks to the ButterflyMX mobile app.
  • Weather resistance. Thanks to an IP65 rating, this device is resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • Entry logs. The vehicle access control system takes a date-and-time-stamped recording of every entry event for security purposes.
  • Cloud-based software. This allows the device to update automatically and be remotely managed from any device.
  • Tenant directory. Visitors can search for a tenant’s information before contacting them through the video intercom.
  • Vehicle reader and windshield tags. Streamline your gate access by granting authorized users access automatically with the vehicle reader and windshield tags. Your gate will open for authorized users equipped with windshield tags, acting as their verified credentials. This system is convenient for preventing a long line from forming at your gate.
  • WiFi or direct connection. ButterflyMX offers multiple ways of connecting to the internet based on your property’s infrastructure and capabilities.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


What is a WiFi gate controller?

A WiFi gate controller connects to your property’s WiFi and opens and closes your gate once users present or enter the required credentials. Often, users can connect using their smart devices. Additionally, you can monitor entry to your gate thanks to WiFi connectivity. Because of the WiFi connectivity, WiFi gate controllers are also sometimes known as smart gate openers.


How does a WiFi gate controller work?

A WiFi gate controller first activates by connecting to your property’s WiFi. This allows the device to process your user base as well as any other settings, such as scheduled gate openings and closers. When a user presents the correct credentials, such as a key fob, a smartphone for keyless entry, or a PIN code on a keypad, the gate controller on the keyless gate lock then opens the gate for them. Sensors are usually in place to determine when the user has entered. Then, the gate will close behind them.


A gate that would respond to a WiFi gate controller.


What are the components of a WiFi gate controller?

There are usually two components to a WiFi gate controller. This does not include a user’s smartphone, which is often used to activate the gate controller once they download their device’s associated app.

The two components of a WiFi gate controller are:

  • WiFi controller. This is the device that runs on WiFi and processes access credentials.
  • Gate opener. This is the device that physically opens and closes the gate. Gates often swing or slide open, depending on the type of gate you have installed.


Can any remote work on a gate?

It depends. For security reasons, many gate security systems don’t accept just any remote. Instead, you’ll need the gate’s specified remote control opener. However, other types of gates can be programmed to accept different types of remotes, including smartphones.


An example of a gate that uses a WiFi gate controller.


How do I extend my WiFi to the gate?

If you decide to go with a WiFi gate controller, you might run into a BIG problem: Your property’s WiFi doesn’t extend to your gate. Rest assured, this is a common issue.

Your solution is to purchase a WiFi bridge or WiFi extender. Both devices work similarly to one another. They take your WiFI and boost its signal across your property. For a WiFi gate controller, we recommend a WiFi extender. This is because a WiFi extender is often cheaper than a WiFi bridge, and you often only need to boost your WiFi signal in one direction for a gate.

A WiFi bridge, on the other hand, is better if you want to extend WiFi in multiple directions across your property, which is overkill when it comes to providing a signal to a single gate entry point.


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